Furlan & Riedel Prosecco Superiore Gift Set

2nd February 2016

Furlan & Riedel Prosecco Superiore Gift Set

15 reasons why the new Furlan & Riedel Prosecco Superiore set is the perfect gift!

  1. It’s new!
    Launched in November 2015, so the likelihood of someone already having the set is extremely unlikely.
  2. Riedel make the best glasses in the world
    Riedel are known as the world’s leading manufacturer of glassware. Their glasses are beautifully designed giving pleasure to use and to look at. They are made with high quality glass which prolongs their life too.
  3. Prosecco Superiore tastes better in the right glass
    Riedel design glasses which accentuate the aroma and taste of fine wines. Riedel’s wider diamond-shaped ‘Prosecco Superiore’ glass allows the aromas to develop and then be retained, enabling the drinker to enjoy the fine wine’s true characteristics. The glass also gives the Prosecco a softer, more rounded taste compared to drinking from a straight flute, which isn’t recommended for Prosecco Superiore nor quality Champagne. The flute, whilst great for retaining bubbles, is too narrow to allow the aromas to fully develop.
  4. The glasses are exclusive: you can’t buy them anywhere else
    Riedel launched their Prosecco Superiore glasses in May 2015 in the UK to the trade only, not to general public. You can only buy them as a consumer from Just Perfect Wines (currently!).
  5. The Prosecco is superior
    Furlan’s “Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato” is one of the best Proseccos you may experience. It’s produced in the premium “DOCG” region of Veneto, where the best Prosecco comes from. The Prosecco is a Millesimato, which means the highest quality grapes are selected, ensuring excellent quality.
  6. Prosecco is the most popular sparkling wine
    Prosecco is now the number 1 sparkling wine of choice, ahead of Champagne. So choosing a Prosecco gift, is likely to be appreciated….especially when it’s the higher quality Prosecco Superiore!
  7. The Prosecco is extra special
    Prosecco is made from the Glera grape. Furlan also add about 15% Chardonnay to their Prosecco, making it extra special compared to most other Proseccos.
  8. The glasses are dishwasher proof for easy, superior cleaning
    Riedel’s Prosecco glasses are dishwasher recommended for up to 10,000 cycles. As they use the highest quality glass, it gives a superior surface without the tiny surface imperfections seen on many inferior glasses. This helps to prevent water erosion, protecting the surface of the glasses. Also as they are made with trade customers in mind, whilst still elegant, they are stronger than some of Riedel’s more delicate glassware.
  9. Perfectly balanced glasses
    Not all ‘expensive’ and attractive wine glasses are well-balanced I’ve found. Some just don’t feel nice when you’re holding them, feeling either top-heavy or too lightweight. , Riedel however manages to combine good looks with a perfectly balanced glass. A pleasure to have and to hold!
  10. It’s Extra Dry: popular and versatile
    When buying a new Prosecco without trying it, there is always a risk it won’t be enjoyed. Furlan’s ‘Extra Dry’ style is dry with a hint of sweetness, being the most popular style; not too dry, not too sweet. It’s also versatile, drank as an aperitif or paired with sweet and savoury foods.
  11. It’s a real superior experience
    With both a superior Prosecco and specially designed superior glasses, the experience of Prosecco drinking is an exceptionally superior experience.
  12. The story is explained
    There is a reason the Prosecco and glasses are packaged together which is explained on the back of the set, with further details available on the website www.justperfectwines.co.uk.
  13. It’s attractive
    Research shows that many consumers choose their wine by the attractiveness of the label and bottle, especially for unfamiliar wines. The Furlan Prosecco has an extremely appealing bottle and aesthetics (packaging too), reflecting the exquisite liquid that lies within.
  14. Tried and tested
    The Furlan Prosecco and the Riedel Prosecco glasses have been thoroughly tried and tested (tough job!). So it’s not just marketing hype, the right glass really does make a difference after comparing many different types along with Riedel UK’s MD, Steve McGraw (the wine glass guru).
  15. It’s just perfect
    Within the gift set you have the perfect glass and the perfect Prosecco for reasons explained above, at an affordable price too – not just a bottle of fizz and 2 glasses. Together they really do create ‘the perfect sparkling experience’.

Shared by Julia Phillips

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