G.H.Mumm – The History

24th March 2014

G.H.Mumm - The History

The story begins in 1761, when Peter Arnold Mumm, born of a long line of barons and knights stretching back to the twelfth century, proprietors of substantial vineyards, set up a wine merchants’ in Cologne.

When his three sons Gottlieb, Jacobus and Philipp joined the business, they took a keen interest in the Champagne region, whose sparkling wines were enjoying growing popularity in Europe.

In 1827, they decided to found a Champagne business. In tribute to their origins, they added their armorial eagle to the label. Over the years, it became established as a G.H.MUMM emblem and remains there to this day.


Gottlieb, Jacobus and Philipp managed their business with a single goal: controlling grape quality by retaining “Nothing but the best”. Then they created another of the firm’s strongest assets, a privileged partnership with vine-growers situated on the best Champagne terroirs. Almost a hundred years later, these “fine locations” would be renamed “Grands Crus”.

From the 1840’s onwards, after the acquisition of its first plots in Verzenay, G.H.MUMM turned this guideline into a principle, giving every new vineyard it bought its own press.

Georges Hermann Mumm, a descendant of one of the original founders, took control of the House in 1852. In order to adapt its premises to expanding production, he ordered extensive construction work to be undertaken on the site of the former ramparts, hollowing out numerous underground cellars in the chalky rock of the Coquebert neighbourhood.


In 1876, he trademarked the Cordon Rouge name and label that has subsequently come to symbolise the entire House.

In 1900, production represented three million bottles.

To this day, G.H.MUMM remains an official supplier of Champagne to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as evidenced by the Royal Warrant given in 1904.

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The Sixties and Seventies saw sales increase in spectacular fashion: shipments rose from three million to six million bottles, making G.H.MUMM the number one Reims Champagne.

Now selling over eight million bottles a year, G.H.MUMM is the leading international Champagne brand in France and third worldwide. Its wines are sold in 150 countries, and over half its production is sold overseas.

Since 2005, G.H.MUMM has been part of the French group Pernod Ricard, the world’s co-leader in wines and spirits.


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