Giffords Hall Sparkling Brut Zero 2012

14th May 2015

A beautiful sparkling wine grown in the vineyards of Suffolk, England.

A  soft mousse, perfect acidity and a genuine zero dosage, with all is residual sugars ‘au natural’. An outstanding achievement from any winemaker.

Made by Piers Greenwood, who won winemaker of the year 2012, this wine,  from Pinot Noir, Pinot blanc and Chardonnay grapes  is light, sophisticated, with lots of depth, subtle hints of pear and hazelnuts and a biscuit-y dry finish.

Not only can you buy this wine from our ‘cellar door’; but you will find it on the wine lists of several popular local restaurants.

This sparkling is a very good example of English wine at the top end. A senior wine judge has compared it favourably to sparkling from the Sussex Houses.


Glass of Bubbly

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