Global Warming positive for Champagne

13th November 2015

Global Warming positive for Champagne

For Champagne producers, global warming has mostly been a benefit to wine-growing so far, which may clash with the upcoming talks on how to slow it next month.

The warmer climate means there’s been less frost damage and a 1% increase in the alcohol level and reduced acidity. It’s also given Champagne great vintages over the last 2 decades

The changing and unpredictable weather means Champagne harvests are often taking place earlier than usual, as early as August,  2 weeks earlier on average. This year, it took place early September.

However, in the long term it may not remain as positive. The region is researching ahead in the event of further possible temperature rises, using experimental vineyards and investigating the best ways to protect the crops.

Sustainability is a top priority for Champagne producers, and they are making measures to improve the effect on the environment, such as switching from chemical fertilisers to natural.


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