Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wines

26th February 2014

Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wines

Committed to the quality of our grapes and respectful of the people who pick them, Gloria Ferrer harvests at night, a practice that conserves both natural and human resources. Dedicated to making California-style sparkling wines, the Ferrer family imported only three wine making techniques from Spain: handpicking the grapes, carrying them to the winery in small bins to avoid oxidation, and gently pressing the fruit in whole clusters using membrane presses to prevent damage and ensure the highest quality. The juice is then transferred into stainless steel tanks to settle for 12-24 hours.


Approximately 50 individual wine lots become our blending palette from which seven diverse Gloria Ferrer sparkling wines are crafted by our winemaking team.

It takes anywhere from 2 to 10 years to make a great bottle of Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine.

Our range of Sparkling Wines.


The Sonoma Brut has been carefully crafted entirely from hand-harvested Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

Blanc de Noirs is predominantly made from hand-harvested Pinot Noir grapes.

VA de VI is a stylish méthode champenoise sparkling wine that celebrates our Spanish heritage.

Blanc de Blancs is made exclusively from hand-harvested Chardonnay.

Our Royal Cuvee is a prestige bottling that showcases the superb quality of the grapes grown on our 335-acre estate vineyard in Carneros.

The Carneros Cuvée is our Tête de Cuvée. It represents the best fruit from our 335 acres of estate vineyards, this special Cuvée is only produced in a select vintage year.


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