Golden Luxury offered in Gin and Vodka from Ivana Ciabatti

8th May 2018


Many will marvel at the variation of aromas and flavours that sparkling wines from across the globe can offer us, from the steep hills of the Cartizze region of Prosecco to the cooler climate of Ontario from Canada. A big favourite for many bars and customers across the globe is the subject of fizzy cocktails from the famous Death In The Afternoon to a favourite of mine, The Ingrid Bergman.

If cocktails and their main ingredients of Champagne/Sparkling Wine and spirits needs to touch upon the aspirational lifestyle for you, then Ivana Ciabatti has certainly raised the bar with their wondrous bottled Gin and Vodka with edible gold leaves.

So, who is Ivana Ciabatti?

Ivana Ciabatti was born in Castelfocognano, her childhood giving her the possibility to learn to dream and to imagine and once graduated she decided to start travelling adventurously.
With a strong experience gained over the years, in 1983 Ivana became one of the founding members of Italpreziosi S.p.A., a responsibility that she carries bearing in mind her principles, in compliance with the good practices of human labour.

In my life, I have always dreamed of working for a major goal, in which the profit is represented by human value.

During her career, the entrepreneur developed new projects based on the principles of sustainability, ethics, respect for the environment and human resources, and she becomes the sole CEO of the company.

Ivana “pours modernity in the prestige of the antiquity” and turn this beauty into “the greater good”; as a woman in the first instance she sees herself reflected in those who, over the centuries, have made our country great and following the footsteps of Catherine de Medici, the first major exporter of the Italian knowledge abroad, the entrepreneur is promoting the dissemination of the culture of beauty through her brands, presenting “products mimesis” of the Italian essence and knowledge.

Gin with Edible Golden leaves:

Born from around the hills of Tuscany, a wild and uncontaminated land, where prestigious juniper berries grow. From the Tuscan distillery masters, in that corner of the Tuscan Valley (Valdichiana), where Grappa is produced for generations, the juniper fuses in the Italian alcohol derived from the grapes and meets the best botanicals of Italy.

Once within a refined hand-blown glass bottle, the brightness of the Gin takes shape and body and perfectly blends with the edible Gold flakes.

Vodka with Edible Golden Leaves:

Perfect transparency and brilliance, neutral and elegant smell, soft and clear taste are the prerogatives to create an excellent vodka.

The purest Tuscan water and the best wine spirit in Italy, blended and interpreted by the best Tuscan distillery masters, raise a stylistically and technically perfect Vodka. The edible Gold leaf represents a charming frame to adorn the prestigious Vodka derived from grapes.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.