Gratiot Pillière

3rd April 2014

Gratiot Pillière

With winemaking traditions handed down over the past five generations, the inherited skill and wisdom have guaranteed the nurturing of each and every vine to produce only the finest quality grapes.

With an annual production of only 150-180,000 bottles, they are a boutique family-owned and -run Champagne House with a long history dating back to 1657.

Having survived the phylloxera plague and two World Wars, the Domaine began producing Champagne during the 1960s.

Encouraged by their initial success, more land and vineyards were purchased that were in turn passed down to their sons when they took over the estate in 1991.

Today, owners Oliver and Sébastien are the 11th generation of Gratiot winegrowers.

The 45 acres of vineyards are situated in the Marne Valley in the heart of Pinot Meunier country and are spread throughout the small towns of Charly-Sur-Marne, Saulchery, Bonneil and Azy-Sur-Marne.

The vineyards are cultivated using minimum intervention and with great respect for the environment.

Pinot Meunier accounts for 80% of the plantings, with 15% Chardonnay and the remaining 5% Pinot Noir.

The family’s focus has always been on quality, authenticity and value above all else; the outstanding champagnes that they produce reflect their commitment, knowledge and passion.

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