Great Sparkling Wines to enjoy during Fireworks

1st November 2019

Fireworks sparkling wines glass of bubbly

For many years now, over 2,000 so it is said, we have gazed up in to the sky to admire the wonderful effects of fireworks. From Guy Fawkes night (November 5th) to welcoming in the new year, Fireworks are seen as a perfect accompany to any special event and especially those taking place during the night time sky.

The first recorded fireworks in England were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486.

Fireworks can also take the meaning, as per a simple search within a thesaurus, for the likes of a burst of anger, a spectacular display and also fierce activity. It is the latter we are going to focus on as this was the basis behind the idea of the category that was added to The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards ‘Fireworks’.

Fireworks: “An intense and powerful wine that really bursts with flavours in the mouth.

As with fireworks, when we are thinking about sparkling wines, the sensation that we are after is a burst of flavours or even a fierce activity in the palate. That awakening and eyebrow raising tasting experience that dare we say would be the perfect company for an event involving fireworks!

The New Years Eve London budget for spend on fireworks was £2.1 million in 2016!Official Gov website.

A Selection of Sparkling Wines to go with Fireworks

A Selection of Sparkling Wines to go with Fireworks

Great Sparkling Wines to enjoy during Fireworks

Each of the wines below (with links to their official websites) not only gained a medal though were also placed in to the category of ‘Fireworks’ by our 50 judges who take part each year during The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly judging days. They felt that each wine contained that lively burst of aromas and flavours that will remind you of fireworks!

Steller’s Jay – Mountain Jay Brut – Bronze Medal 2019 Fireworks

Citra Vini Soc. Coop – Primae Lucis – Bronze Medal 2019 Fireworks

Sparkling Wine House Frangež  – Traminer Brut Nature – Bronze Medal 2019 Fireworks

Fox & Fox – Tradition – Trophy Winner 2018 Fireworks

Vina Kauran – Victoria 2010 – Silver Medal 2019 Fireworks

Azienda Agricola Mencaroni – ‘Apollonia’ Brut Nature – Gold Medal 2018 Fireworks

Alberto Quacquarini – Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG Secco – Gold Medal 2018 Fireworks

Vina Kobal – Teranova Penina Tera – Trophy Winner 2019 Fireworks

Ridgeview – Blanc de Noirs 2014 – Gold Medal 2018 Fireworks

Finndeli – Glubbel – Highly Commended Medal 2019 Fireworks

Christopher Walkey

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