Green Fields of Gold – Busi-Jacobsohn English Sparkling Wine

11th January 2021

Busi-Jacobsohn English Sparkling Wines

Diversity, Protection and Gold. There are just some of the words that can be used to explain a little bit more about what Busi-Jacobsohn English Sparkling Wine brand is all about.


English sparkling wine production attracts many nationalities to the shores of Britain to fulfil dreams, ambitions, financial expectations and much more. It is one of the fastest growing vine planting countries with an increasing winery database, those directly employed, bottle production and more.

“…there are 522 commercial vineyards and 164 wineries in England currently producing 15 million bottles. That is a two and a half times increase in just five years. More than 8,600 acres of grapes are being grown and that has doubled in the past ten years.” source Wine GB and CarlingPartnership

Champagne winemakers are drawn to the emerging English sparkling wine industry along with Champagne houses investing in land and planting. It would appear that England is an exciting and growth rich option for those looking to produce bubbly!

One such English sparkling wine house showing its diversity is Busi-Jacobsohn that welcomes to the English wine growing community Swedish and Italian passion and knowledge. Susanna (Italian) and Douglas (Swedish) are the married couple along with two sons (Charles & Tom), Luna (Collie) and Kane (Mini-schnauzer). It’s a family run business and another fine addition to the glowing English Sparkling Wine offering. Busi-Jacobsohn is now available for sale online at Harvey Nichols.


Here we are focusing on the vision for sustainability now and for the future at Busi-Jacobsohn. The practice of giving back to nature what it gives to the wine grower, protecting nature for today and for tomorrow.

Sustainability is a key word in wine production globally these days with many wine regions requesting tighter regulations on the whole wine production cycle from packaging to spraying. Each element of wine production can no doubt be looked at and older, less eco friendly, practices can be updated so to decrease the likes of carbon footprints. If it is re-using water that is used to clean wine production equipment to aiming towards being herbicide free.

“We care for our immediate surroundings and the planet, and are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint… We are committed to promoting the vineyard as an ecosystem and a habitat for wildlife.” source Busi-Jacobsohn


Finally, we end this introduction story on a positive note. Yet at heart and young in winemaking years, but thanks to commitment, education and hands on experience, Busi-Jacobsohn can already boast to the world that they are a gold winning English sparkling wine.

Where is Busi-Jacobsohn located? They are based in Sussex and south of the Eridge Park region.

Are they open to the public? Yes, they are open for both wine tasting and vineyard tours. Email them via their website here.

Where can I buy their wines? Very easily via their website here, prices start from just £38 a bottle!

Busi-Jacobsohn sparkling wines:

Rosé Extra Brut 2018

Rosé Extra Brut 2018

Rosé Extra Brut 2018 – Tasting notes: “Quite delicate on the nose showing soft pink floral, dried raspberry, dry red currant with a yeasty edge. Flavours are young, I can see this improving in the bottle a little while longer. Soft red berry fruits, citrus, flaky pastry in the palate.


Classic Cuvée 2018

Classic Cuvée 2018

Classic Cuvée 2018 – Tasting notes: “Fresh and crisp tasting experience. Citrus, yellow floral character with a touch of yeast / chalk. Tastes very young and needing more development which will continue to improve its depth.


Classic Cuvée 2017

Classic Cuvée 2017

Classic Cuvée 2017 – Tasting notes: “A chalky green fruits, touch of asparagus on the nose. A candy sweet, leman pastry flan, touch of zesty nuttiness in flavours. Higher acidity style.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.