Grower Champagne: Goutorbe-Bouillot

15th September 2015


This grower Champagne is made in vineyards that extend over the region called Vallée de la Marne (close to Epernay), where, traditionaly, the grape variety Pinot Meunier is dominant.

The union between Jules Goutorbe and Louise Bouillot was at the origin of the creation of the house Champagne Goutorbe-Bouillot in 1911. Before that, the Goutorbe family had already been working in the vineyard, and thus for six generations, but was selling all the wines to the large Champagne Houses.

The Goutorbe-Bouillot family has producing Champagne for some time now and quality has always been the main objective. We work on 9 hectares in Damery and we produce 5 different cuvées.

Only the grapes that are produced on our property enter the elaboration of our Champagnes. We are able to follow the full cycle of our products, from grapes to wine, in order to offer the best quality.

Bastien is currently ensuring the continuity of the Champagne Goutorbe-Bouillot with the same objective of quality for this prestigious wine, in  the respect of tradition and for your greatest pleasure.

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