Growing Trend of Champagne in Africa

1st February 2016

Growing Trend of Champagne  in Africa

Nigeria has Africa’s biggest population of more than 170 million, they top the ranks of the biggest buyers of Champagne on the continent, followed by South Africa.

Champagne sales are soaring in the Ivory Coast and this West African nation is now the fastest-growing market for bubbly in Africa. Sales almost tripled between 2011 and 2014 to 211,103 bottles, according to the Comite Champagne. Estimates show a further 65% growth last year, according to Taittinger SA, who have recently outlined plans for African expansion.

A bottle of Champagne in the Ivory Coast starts at about 22,500 francs ($38) and can cost as much as about 120,000 francs ($200).

“Champagne is flowing like water in Ivory Coast,” said Vincent Voisin, Africa and Middle East export director of Grands Chais de France, one of France’s leading exporters of wines and spirits. “Ivorians like to party and women are consuming more and more. It’s become an affordable luxury, with a growing middle class that’s got the money to have a good time,” Voisin said in an interview in Abidjan.


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