Guide To Rosé Prosecco and Curry

31st March 2023

The Guide To Rosé Prosecco and Curry

The art of pairing Prosecco with food is a wonderful passion to behold, and venturing into the world of Rosé Prosecco DOC and pairing them with different cuisines is an exciting challenge to uphold.

In this feature you’re working with Aktar at Home, the marvellous dishes by Aktar Islam, delivered to your home ready for dinner, we’ve received a selection of 8 different and unique Curries, with 4 levels of spiciness, and each of these Curries will be paired with a selection of Rosé Proseccos, including Villa Sandi, Montelvini, Bisol and Ruggeri.

We’re going to discover how the wonderfully delicate flavours of Rosé Prosecco will pair with and accompany varying levels of spicy Michelin-starred Curries.

The Rosé Proseccos

Bisol 1542

Bisol has a history dating back to 1542. Five centuries and twenty-one generations have worked on creating great-tasting wines. The only time Bisol was interrupted was during World War I, the Valdobbiadene territory (where Bisol is located) stood right on the battle lines between the Austrian-Hungarian forces and their opponents, the Italians, but in 1920 they were back on track and once again pushing the boundaries and bringing people’s taste buds forward into the future.

Bisol 1542 – Jeio Rosé Brut 2021 Prosecco DOC

Aroma – “Pink floral, pink blossom, pink candy sweet, strawberries, raspberries, bramble foliage, with creamy strawberry cheesecake on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Zesty red berries and red fruits, with foliage, subtle freshly grown garden herbs, and crisp red apple skins on the aroma.”

Silver Medal in the First Date Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022


Montelvini has been around for more than 140 years, owned by the Serena family. The current owner, Armando Serena, has been President of Montelvini since 1968. Located in a small region in Montello in Italy, the Serena family has dedicated themselves to producing wine with skill and passion.

Montelvini – Prosecco DOC Rosé Treviso Millesimato Brut 2021

Aroma – “Creamy cherry blossom and juicy red apples with strawberries & raspberries covered with creamy cream on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Soft, subtle and delicate, with pink floral, pink blossom, juicy strawberries, a hint of bramble foliage and notes of red berries on the palate.”

Gold Medal in the Creamy Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

Villa Sandi

Villa Sandi produces what seems to be an endless supply of wonderful Prosecco, without ever compromising on quality, located in the picturesque region of Prosecco, Villa Sandi has had a foothold in the region since 1622, thanks to their Palladian-style Villa located among the green hills of the Marca Trevigiana. The Moretti Polegato family, for several generations, have dedicated their time to producing and sharing their Wines, Sparkling Wines and Proseccos around the world.

Villa Sandi – Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato

Aroma – “Candy floss, pink blossom, strawberries and strawberry delights on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Sweet ripe strawberries, strawberry laces, candy floss, strawberry delights and so much more pink floral and candy sweetness.”

Gold Medal in the Creamy Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022


Deeply rooted in the tradition of winemaking, the history of Ruggeri Winery began in 1950, founded by Giustino Bisol and his cousin, whose surname, Ruggeri, they adopted the name as part of the brand for their company. In the early days, Ruggeri was one of only a handful of producers around Valdobbiadene focused on sparkling wine. Giustino’s son Paolo and granddaughter Isabella have since taken the company forward with the same pioneering spirit.

Ruggeri – Argeo Rosé Prosecco DOC Brut

Aroma – “Strawberry candy, strawberry laces, candy floss, red slush puppie, with delicate pink blossom and floral on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Pink floral, blossom and candy, with strawberries, strawberry foliage, and strawberry laces on the palate.”

Gold Medal in the Summer Days Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

The Curries by Aktar Islam

Aktar @ Home is a new creation, tested and proven throughout the lockdown, but it won’t stop there.

Their mission is to allow you to enjoy exceptional home cooking by a Michelin-starred chef in the comfort of your own home with a choice of traditional Indian curries or a classic British Sunday roast delivered directly to your home.

“It is a new challenge where I and my team are creating excellent food with the best possible produce, that will be restaurant quality even after it is delivered to your home and reheated. We love the challenge!

I have travelled a lot all over India and that’s where I take inspiration for the curries. All curries we put in the boxes come from different parts of India and therefore flavours and style are different and unique to those regions.” – Aktar Islam – Michelin Star Chef

They are using WoolCool insulated packaging for their deliveries, which is sustainable, compostable and proven to keep your box deals, curry box and weekly specials cool for at least 48 hours and longer so your food is kept safe even if your delivery is running late.

Aktar Islam and his team prepared 8 gorgeous Curries, from mutton to beef, and from cauliflower to chickpeas, a wonderful Michelin Star selection to enjoy at home with a divine display of Rosé Proseccos, will the pairing enhance the carefully selected ingredients within the Curries or will they be better enjoyed apart? Let’s find out!

Level 1

Beef Vindaloo & Villa Sandi Rosé – “A fresh palate cleanse from the Rosé Prosecco, then the spices come back showing the savoury beef flavour.”

Murgh Makhani & Montelvini Rosé – “The wine adds a delightful sweetness to the pairing through fresh, ripe strawberry juice with a creamy texture from the chicken. Mellowed spices at the close which fade nicely.”

Level 2

Chicken Madras & Ruggeri Rosé – “A nice balance allowing for red berry fruits to compete with a spicy, chicken savoury flavour. Spices rise at the close requiring another sip of fizz to cool the palate down.”

Methi Gosht Nizami Korma & Villa Sandi Rosé – “A rich character, enhancing slightly the spicy character and shedding more light onto the meaty characters, with background notes of delicate pink floral.”

Gobi Matar & Bisol Rosé – “Smooth and almost creamy texture to this curry, light and refreshing, the Rosé Prosecco comes through and helps enhance the characters within, subtly throughout rising the spicy characters long into the close.”

Level 3

Dhal Bhagara & Bisol Rosé – “Wine takes precedence, delivering an almost creamy red berry fruit burst with only a subtle savoury presence from the dish.”

Channai Brinjal Massala & Montelvini Rosé – “The Rosé Prosecco enhances the flavours within, taking some shy characters and making them into star performers, the spicy notes are very subtly heightened, and linger on the length. It tastes fresh, homemade, natural and healthy.”

Level 4

Kadela Curry & Ruggeri Rosé – “A mild curry is enriched with hidden spicy characters filling up the palate, taking full control, lingering on the palate long after the taste experience has ended, the chickpeas only appear near the close in their natural form.”

Oliver Walkey

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