Gusbourne Estate Sponsors Digital Wine Communications Conference As Part Of Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

30th May 2014

Gusbourne Estate, England’s most prestigious boutique wine producer, is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring the 7th Digital Wine Communications Conference in Montreux, Switzerland taking place from 31st October – 2nd November.

Gusbourne planted its first vines in 2004 and in order to celebrate the Estate’s 10th anniversary, Gusbourne will be holding a special tasting of library wines, hosted by CEO Ben Walgate during the three-day conference which sees wine professionals and enthusiasts from around the world get together to spread information, broaden the culture of wine, improve industry standards, and above all else, create a physical space to communicate and share ideas.

2014 sees Gusbourne celebrate a real milestone: 10 years of winemaking in Kent, England. Over the past decade, national and international demand for Gusbourne’s wines has increased remarkably but the Estate remains steadfast in its commitment to ageing its wines for a minimum of 36 months on lees and to only producing wines from its own grapes.

Said DWCC co-founder Ryan Opaz: “When we ran our very first wine bloggers’ conference in 2008, online wine communications was in its infancy, as was the English wine movement. Seven years on, we’re delighted that both have taken off with such success; having a pioneer like Gusborne as a sponsor of the DWCC is a great fit.”

Walgate will be accompanied by Gusbourne’s Head of Marketing & Communications Christian Holthausen who was last year invited to speak at a panel on climate change at the DWCC2013 in Rioja. Christian says “I attended my first DWCC in Franciacorta in 2011 (when it was still called the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference) and was immediately impressed by this international conference dedicated to the convergence of wine and the web. There is still nothing else like it in the world and it is truly in a class by itself.”

Shared by Christian Holthausen

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