Guylian Chocolate and Sparkling Wine

25th March 2022

Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Sparkling Wine and Chocolate is one of those combinations that is very much a love or hate, to the people Sparkling Wine and Chocolate may sound very romantic and delicious, but to industry professionals, the combination sometimes causes disagreements.

So I will leave it up to you to decide whether Sparkling Wine and Chocolate is a combination that you will try.

“Pioneer of the Belgian Sea Shells since 1958”

The Guylian Chocolate story begins in 1938, with the birth of Guy Foubert, who grow up to be a passionate Belgian chocolatier. Guylian Chocolate as a brand came into the world when Guy married Liliane in 1958, one of the many reasons they fell in love was they both had a passion for life’s sweetest pleasures, including Chocolate, so they decided to join their names to create Chocolaterie Guy-lian, the Seahorse Chocolate we all know and love.

Guylian Chocolate is one of the top ten best selling boxed Chocolate brands in the world, we can find their chocolate sold in over 120 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and America

Their chocolate is produced in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, the birthplace of Guy Foubert, they produce up to 75 tonnes of Chocolate every day, with a team of 250 employess and in 2015 they turned over 80 million euros.

When buying a box of Guylian Chocolate, you don’t just get a box of delicious Chocolate, you’re also helping Project SeahorseGuylian Chocolate has been the main sponsor of Project Seahorse since 1998, donating € 1.75 million, allowing them to protect seahorses and the oceans in which they live.

The Sparkling Wine

For 4 years running B. Brut has been awarded medals at The Glass of Bubbly Awards, with their wines winning, Silver Medals, Gold Medals and even a Trophy.

B. Brut is run by two passionate people, Lise & Nomi, they have two Sparkling Wines, the B. Brut – Brut Tradition and the B. Brut – Rosé Tradition, we’re soon to enjoy both of these amazing Sparkling Wines from Luxembourg with Guylian’s Chocolate soon, you can find out more about B.Brut in our article here: B. Brut – Sparkling Wines From Luxembourg

B.Brut – Tradition – Luxembourg

Aroma 👃 “Green frutis, white fruits, white blossom with a touch of lime on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “A crispt burst of green apples, with hints of green pear, with green citrus and herbal notes on the palate.”

A Gold Medal Winner in the Light & Fruity at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

B.Brut – Rosé – Luxembourg

Aroma 👃 “Tomatoes, red berries, red apples, red rose petals, beetroot courgettes, touching on a sweet spice and a creamy note, with more on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “Red berries, touching on the side of strawberry or raspberry ripple ice cream, with hints of tomatoes on the palate.”

A Gold Medal Winner in the Creamy at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Luxembourg is right next door to Belgium, so we thought it would be a wonderful pairing, bringing neighbors and friends together to enjoy the pleasure of both the Chocolate and Sparkling Wine.

We have The Original box of Guylian Belgian Chocolates, containing 22 pieces of the world’s favourite Belgian Chocolate.

B.Brut Traditon & Guylian Chocolate Pairing Notes – “A fizzy and exciting combination, its delightfully delicate and creamy, the Sparkling Wine enhances the chocolate and adding light green fruit flavours.”

B.Brut Rosé & Guylian Chocolate Pairing Notes – “At first the Sparkling Wine is refused entry, but after you break the outer shell, the Sparkling Wine adds in delicate red berries, rose petals and red fruits into the mouth watering Belgium chocolate and Hazelnut flavours.”

Hope you enjoyed reading, and consider giving the pairing a go, the Sparkling Wine and Chocolate are two wonderful creations that are worth a try.

Image Credit: Belgium Flag

Oliver Walkey

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