Halloween Cocktails – The Menu

28th October 2023

Halloween Cocktails The Menu

Elsa: You will eat less than you desire and more than you deserve.

We’re back from the dead, crafting a whole new exciting range of Halloween Cocktails, we’ve chosen some of the best Halloween films or video games and created a perfect Cocktail to accompany them, working alongside different wineries and distilleries, I’ll give you a little history into each film and the know-how to create a delicious themed Cocktail.

Chef Slowik: As Dr. King said: “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor. It must be demanded by the oppressed.”

13 Frightful Nights – Night 11 – The Menu

The Menu

Directed by Mark Mylod, written by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, based on an original story created by Will Tracy, and produced by Adam McKay, Betsy Koch and Will Ferrell, this masterpiece of the art of fine dining premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on the 10th of September 2022 and released in the United States on the 8th of November 2022, the film had a budget of $30 million and grossed over $79 million worldwide, being positively reviewed by critics and fans alike.

Movie Fact: French Chef Dominique Crenn, owner and chef of San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn with three Michelin stars, worked to make the menu described in the script a reality, crafting many of the dishes herself, and regularly re-doing them when scenes required numerous takes.

Margot: I don’t like your food.
Chef Slowik: What did you say?
Margot: I said, “I don’t like your food,” and I would like to send it back.
Chef Slowik: I’m sorry to hear that. What about my food is not to your liking?
Margot: For starters, you’ve taken the joy out of eating. Every dish you served tonight has been some intellectual exercise rather than something you want to sit and enjoy. When I eat your food, it tastes like it was made with no love.
Chef Slowik: Oh, this is ridiculous. We always cook with love. Everyone knows love is the most important ingredient.
Margot: Then you’re kidding yourself. Come on, Chef. I thought tonight was a night of hard home truths. This is one of them. You cook with obsession, not love. Even your hot dishes are cold. You’re a chef. Your single purpose on this Earth is to serve people food that they might actually like, and you have failed. You’ve failed. And you’ve bored me. And the worst part is I’m still fucking hungry.

Staring the legend Ralph Fiennes as a celebrity chef with Hong Chau playing his assistant, along with Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Houltdiners and others who attend his (very) exclusive restaurant.

Movie Fact: The Director Mark Mylod wanted all the actors to be on set during every take, wearing microphones and reminding them that he was going to be shooting 360-degree coverage of them at all times, “you’d better be performing because the camera might be on you, like at any moment, and that will end up in the film.”

Chef Slowik: Ask yourselves, this entire evening, why didn’t you all try harder to fight back? To get out of here? Honestly, you probably could have. Something to think about.

The Champagne – Champagne André de Villeneuve

This Champagne from André de Villeneuve is a blend of 30% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir, and 20% Pinot Meunier, taking home a Gold in the Meditation Category, its sister Champagne, their Rosé, took home The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Award for 2022, with its exceptional strawberry and cream characters, on a bed of ripe red berries and cheesecake base.

Brut Grande Réserve Grand Cru – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Soft, delicate yeasty and yellow citrus characters on a bed of wild yellow floral, butter, buttercups, baked yellow stone fruits minerals, saline and soft pastry notes.”

Flavour – “Rich golden fruits, yellow stone fruits, a touch of soft zesty citrus of the yellow variety, with yellow floral, white peaches, white pears, with hints of fresh bakery brioche and saline on the palate.”

Silver Medal in the Sea Breeze Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2023

The Rum – Rhumerie de Chamarel

Based on the gorgeous southwest coast of the island of Mauritius, Rhumerie de Chamarel Premium Gold Rum uses only the finest extract of rum that’s selected by Cellar Master – Maitre de Chai and matured/aged for 18 months in oak (5,600 liters), crafted from pure cane juice, using sugar cane grown in the fields surrounding the distillery, uses only the finest extract of rum that’s selected by Cellar Master – Maitre de Chai.

Rhumerie de Chamarel Premium Gold Agricole Rum – Tasting Notes “Very nicely balanced, rich and smooth, fresh and fruity, with a gorgeous display of vanilla and wooden spices.”

You can discover a whole range of truly exceptional rums from the Island of Mauritius on Green Island, delivering a true expression of pure Rum.

The Menu Cocktail


  • Rhumerie de Chamarel Premium Gold Agricole Rum
  • Almond Liqueur
  • Champagne
  • Almond Butter

How To Make The Menu Cocktail

  1. 20mls of Rhumerie de Chamarel Premium Gold Agricole Rum
  2. 10mls of Almond Liquerur
  3. 100mls of Champagne
  4. Spread A Small Amount of Almond Butter Around the Rim of Your Glass

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Rich expression of almond on the aroma, with caramel, a touch of pastry and yellow fruits.”

Flavours – “Silky smooth almond expression warming the palate, with baked pastries, yellow stone fruits, golden apples, a rich warmth of caramel sliding down the throat to close the experience.”

Happy Halloween from Glass of Bubbly

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