Henri Mandois

1st September 2014

Henri Mandois

Mandois’ vineyard dates back to 1735 when the family decided to acquire vines in Champagne.

The vineyard is situated in Pierry, a village in “Cote des Blancs” classified 1st growth in Champagne, Mandois owns a 35 hectare vineyard. The vineyard is spread amongst 12 different villages.

Dating from the end of the 17th century, digged deeply into the heart of Champagne, the cellars guarantee freshness and perfect long ageing to the wines. The very unique atmoshphere is firstly due to the incredible architecture with vaults made of “meuliere stones”. Also in these cellars, the “liquers de dosage” are secretly elaborated and reserve wines are stored in casks to ensure the continuity of the style of wines.

Each bottle from Mandois is the purest expression of the cuvee, in respect with traditions in Champagne and with the House style. Rich, a Mandois champagne always shows a fine texture developing slowly and perfectly mouthfilling. The pureity of the House style comes in fact from a perfect balance driven by the elegance of a rare champagne whose concentration and power are always performing beautifully.

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