The Hidden Treasures of the Champagne Region…

21st July 2017


Champagne-Booking is a young company with an unbridled passion for Champagne who wants to share this passion with the whole wide world. They want to break the taboos and myths about Champagne and make Champagne more approachable.

Champagne-Booking is an international booking website for free online bookings of activities at Champagne Houses. You can find a variety of tours and tastings or other activities at a mixture of Champagne Houses from large well-known ones to smaller Grower Champagne Houses.

Things to remember:

    • Every Champagne House is unique and has its own identity.
    • Most people only visit the large Champagne Houses.
    • A bottle of Champagne does not have to be expensive.
    • A good bottle of Champagne starts at €15.
    • The price of a Tasting starts at €5 or sometimes even for free.
    • A bottle of Champagne can be opened on every occasion.
    • There are many different types of Champagnes.
    • There are many small Champagne Houses with excellent Champagnes.
    • The Champagne region is larger that one thinks.
    • The grapes for Champagne are only allowed to be picked by hand.
    • Every Champagne House is unique with an interesting story to tell.

Glass of Bubbly

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