High Hopes for 2015 Champagne Harvest

16th September 2015

High Hopes for 2015 Champagne Harvest

The Champagne harvest is drawing to a close and many Champagne producers will be very pleased – 2015 is expected to be an “exceptional year” for Champagne.

The yields this year were the lowest in a decade, with growers within the appellation limited to 10,000 kg per hectare.

The climate and weather has produced the perfect conditions for the grapes, with a dry spring and hot summer followed by rainfall during August.

Due to the high temperatures during summer, grapes ripened earlier than expected, causing some Champagne producers to ask for an earlier start to their harvest than usual. In the Marne region, picking began in on 4th September, but in other areas in the Aube, some producers began as early as the 28th August.

The 2015 harvest has potential to be an outstanding vintage Champagne.

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