Hindleap Seyval Blanc Bluebell Vineyards

27th October 2015

Hindleap Seyval Blanc Bluebell Vineyards

Seyval Blanc isn’t a grape variety that immediately springs to mind when you think of sparkling wine. Seyval Blanc isn’t the easiest grape to grow, but its resistance to cold weather has to be a plus point when planting vines in East Sussex. Seyval Blanc is typically light in style and very similar to Chenin Blanc or even Chablis. Perhaps a risk to use this grape as a single varietal in a sparkling wine, but the winemaker at Bluebell Vineyard has clearly taken this into consideration by using the traditional method and ageing this beauty for a minimum of 15 months. One could even argue that this could be aged longer and it would certainly be interesting to note the outcome.

seyval blanc small

The pale golden colour is apparent as soon as the bubbles settle in the glass. The fresh and light style comes across in the nose which serves up floral notes and a hint of honey. I am so pleased I opened this to enjoy in the garden with the sun shining! The bubbles hold their own and tap dance on your tongue while the flavours of rose and peach awaken your taste buds. The acidity is well balanced to ensure the wine makes your mouth water but isn’t too sharp. This Seyval Blanc doesn’t have the creamy, buttery taste of Champagne, but that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd and makes it a perfect aperitif. No food required but if you are hungry it would suit a light salad or something with a bit of spice.

Bluebell bottles

Bluebell Vineyards also produce a Classic Cuvée, Brut Rosé and Blanc de Blancs.



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