Home-grown bubbly sales soar in the UK

2nd January 2015

Home-grown bubbly sales soar in the UK

2014 was an exciting year for the English and Welsh sparkling wine industry, proving we have got what it takes to compete with the best.

Sparkling wine now accounts for 66% of the UK’s wine production, an industry which is soon estimated to be worth almost £100 million. The UK also exports it’s wine to over 13 other countries, bringing in a larger revenue and getting the names known overseas.

Just recently, Award-winning Chapel Down launched a bottle of Blanc de Blanc 2008 Nebuchadnezza for £5,000 – the most expensive English sparkling wine bottle to date!

Award-winning Digby FIne English Reserve Brut 2009

Award-winning Digby Fine English Reserve Brut 2009

Some of the most well-known Englsh sparkling wine is grown in Kent and Sussex, such as Nyetimber, Digby Fine English and Ridgeview. The climate and land lends itself surprisingly well to wine-growing. For example, with its chalky soils, the North and South Downs in Kent prove to be an ideal location to grow the vines, not being too far from where Champagne itself is produced.

The increased demand has led to wine companies expanding and aquiring more area for vineyards accross the country, now totalling around 4,500 hecatres which is over double than decade ago.

With the strong growth of English fizz, the industry’s repuation is increasing, gaining international recognition and winning awards. It is encouraging to see the UK supporting its home-grown wine and we look forward to see what this year has in store for the industry!

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