Hotel Byblos Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2017

20th December 2016


Beloved by royalty and a haven for celebrities, Groupe Floirat’s Hotel Byblos & nightclub Les Caves Du Roy, will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year having held residence in the heart of St Tropez since 1967. The family run hotel, which received the Palace1 distinction in 2012, is renowned for its historical heritage, location and timeless elegance and will introduce a variety of offerings to mark its milestone year. Ahead of the celebration, the hotel has unveiled its exclusive series of partners for the occasion.

In 1967, the property opened its doors in the heart of vibrant St Tropez, a fisherman’s village which quickly became a popular destination, following the release of ‘And God Created Woman’ with Brigitte Bardot. Originally founded by Lebanese businessman Jean-Prosper Gay-Para in the attempt to woo Brigitte Bardot, French entrepreneur Sylvain Floirat purchased the property that same year and continued to build its iconic reputation worldwide. Resembling a colourful Mediterranean village, the hotel also features a fabulous nightclub at its centre since 1967, the mythical Les Caves du Roy.

Since 2010, a ‘Palace’ Hotel is a distinction awarded to a limited edition of French luxury hotels. The title is exclusively distributed to 5-star rated properties, offering the highest levels of services remains an icon on the French Riviera. The property immediately became the fashionable destination in St Tropez and played host to the likes of Cher, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson. Half a century later, celebrities and jetsetters all continue to enjoy intimate luxury within the timeless walls of the property and dance the night away in its famous nightclub.

Steeped in such history and glamour, it is no wonder the hotel will celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary in style. For the occasion, Hotel Byblos has partnered with a range of highend luxury brands, all synonymous with high quality standards and excellence of service, in order to create limited edition and exclusive products for Byblos.

From the very beginning, Dom Pérignon Champagne has embodied the pursuit of an ideal, with vintages being exclusively assembled only in the very best years and thereafter placed in the cellar for at least eight more before being considered ready for tasting. Sampling a Dom Pérignon vintage is a highly sensorial experience which, when placed in the context of Les Caves du Roy or a suite at Le Byblos, reaches a whole new level; a singular,
exceptional, rare moment of luxury. Hotel Byblos is the ideal location for such an experience: a palace like no other in which to appreciate truly unique Champagne.


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