How Important Social Media is in the Wine Industry

3rd June 2022

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Today we are talking about the promotion of alcohol, wine brands and products on the Internet using targeting. How to advertise bars, wine, beer, spirits and liquor stores on social networks so that entrepreneurs do not have to buy Instagram followers?

Promotion in social networks for the wine industry is very important because now the entire business is supported by social networks. Therefore, despite the difficulties associated with the topic, you should make an effort to promote your brand on Instagram.

In fact, resourceful target specialists have found loopholes in legislation that explicitly bans ads that offer or mention alcohol. They even discovered ways to get around Facebook’s all-seeing moderation, which mercilessly bans innocent accounts.

To understand the full picture, you should get systematic knowledge on how to promote alcohol, alcohol stores and bars in social networks, how to work with bloggers and how to set up targeted advertising in this niche. To do this, you should study our article and other sources of information where you will learn how to promote alcohol products and attract an audience without the need to buy real Instagram followers.

Secrets of targeted advertising of alcohol in social networks

If you are planning to target your account for the first time, it is better to play it safe. Remove all photos of bottles, glasses and other things from your posts that prove that you are promoting alcohol and not just soft drinks. Let your profile be perfect.

In the promotional post, remove all stop words from the text: wine, beer, alcohol, spirits. Replace them with allegorical synonyms: foamy, sparkling, etc.

The photo must not contain images of alcohol. But no one forbids showing the consumption situation itself. For example, everyone will understand what is at stake if the photo shows a man loading a full trunk of branded bags before fishing, or people are sitting at the table before festive drinks, and the New Year’s show is shown on TV. Create images that are recognizable and understandable to ordinary people in the photo, but without bottles.

Use social media to set up a global competition and bring buyers to an offline point. For example, you can launch a post in the target, which says that you are holding a drawing of a car or other valuable prize.
The terms of the promotion are sent to users in a personal message after they click on the advertisement and subscribe to the newsletter. Let’s say each contestant must buy a product for $15, take a photo of the check and send the image to direct. Such an action will accelerate the engagement in the account, add subscribers to it and increase product sales.

There is a theory that if you make a visual for a promo post drawn, then the neural network will not recognize glasses and bottles on it. But it is not exactly. You can take a chance, but we would not advise.

Advertising and promotion of alcohol by bloggers

Be prepared that many of them will refuse you. Influencers are also afraid of sanctions from the social network. But some willingly take the product for hidden advertising and drink it during live broadcasts with the audience or in the frame of Stories on a Friday night.

There are bloggers who talk exclusively about alcohol — tasters, wine experts, and sommeliers. Try to contact them and arrange accommodation.

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