How much alcohol in a glass of Champagne?

20th January 2021

How much in a serving of Champagne

My first question would be ‘how big is your glass‘! The style, shape and size of our glass can very much extend or reduce the amount of Champagne that is poured into it. The volume is what holds the Champagne and a standard-sized glass pouring can be anywhere from 180 to 300ml.

It is stated that a standard bottle of Champagne, 750ml in volume, will be ideal for serving five glasses (150ml). Many Champagne flute glasses at venues can be slightly smaller in style and size, here we need to say that the average serving from a bottle would be 5 to 6 or more glasses. A glass of Champagne ordered isn’t always a set amount poured unlike ordering a pint of beer or a shot of whisky, usually the likes of sparkling wine are poured directly into the glass over measuring first and repouring the set amount into a glass. Still wines are usually measured (125ml or 175ml) prior to serving.

Higher standard establishments serving finer quality Champagne, and usually more expensive, will likely have an option of glasses to use and rarely, unless required to do so, will serve Champagne in a flute. These glasses will hold much more volume than is required allowing the Champagne in the glass to breath and the consumer to regard both the aromas and flavours it holds. Many of the finer Champagne will be purchased by the bottle, the sommelier will usually only pour the first glass for each guest and then leave the bottle on chill via ice bucket for the guests to re-serve themselves the amount they require.

So, how much alcohol in a glass of Champagne?

If we can say that an average serving is at the 150ml mark assuming standard glass size and a standard Champagne alcohol level which is usually around 12% then we can easily work out what the amount of alcohol a glass will contain is 18ml. With regards to how many units are in a glass of Champagne then this will equal 1.8 units. If we ask how many calories in a glass of Champagne then again we can calculate this at being around 107 (which requires around 10 minutes of jogging in order to shed from your body!). These are approximate numbers and should you wish to explore more detailed facts for health and safety advice then do check on official government pages or

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.