How to Become a Wine Ambassador. Profession Benefits

2nd September 2022

Pouring Champagne Moet et Chandon rosé

First, let’s figure out who a brand ambassador actually is. This is a person who represents the interests of only his brand.

A wine ambassador is a person who, as described above, represents the interests of the company and promotes their brand of wine to the masses. To become a truly good specialist in this company and, in principle, in this area, you need to truly love the product that you promote.

The task of every wine company is to promote its product to the masses. Such companies need a specially trained and knowledgeable person. Which will not only talk about wine at some event but will also increase customers.

Having mastered the wine brand ambassador job, you will get a prestigious and profitable profession. However, this is not so easy to do. The brand ambassador of wine must be formed and have certain personal and external qualities. We will talk about this below.

The ambassadors of wine, and, in principle, brands of clothing or cosmetics can become simply famous people, but they will not be able to stay in this position for a long time. True ambassadors of the brand they love can last in this profession until retirement. You just need to constantly improve and learn new things.


The list of duties depends on the company:

• Project development;
• Invent events and participate in them;
• Conducting masterclasses and training for bar and restaurant staff;
• Training of managerial departments of the company to work with the product;
• Carrying out photo shoots, events, development of special menus, integrations, and special projects.

Skills a brand ambassador should possess

• The first and one of the decisive points is knowing everything about the wine that the ambassador promotes. However, that’s not all, in addition to this point, I will write about the knowledge of the ambassador of third-party products that the brand releases. After all, if the ambassador does not answer the question about, for example, the cognac of this brand, then this will put not only the ambassador in a bad light but also the brand that he promotes.
• Knowledge of foreign languages is one of the decisive factors. The purpose of a wine brand is to sell its product not only in its own country but also to promote its product for export.
• A brand ambassador must be able to conduct a wine tasting, and for this, they will need knowledge of etiquette and serving.
• It is important to talk about wine in such a way as not only to interest people but also to make them buy this wine. Oratory skills or special negotiation courses can help with this.
• A brand ambassador should be a kind of a strategist and have at least a little knowledge in the field of marketing and promotion. And although he will not be involved in the development of strategies, the brand ambassador must understand what goals the brand pursues.


1. The task of the brand ambassador is to promote and visualize the brand, conduct tastings and seminars. Promote the brand, not yourself. During the event, you should remember it’s the wine and the brand that you are promoting.

2. The second important nuance is sincere love for the brand that the ambassador promotes. Look, insincere interest and simulated love will be visible and will not give such a return when promoting the brand.

Benefits of being a wine ambassador

• High salary
• The opportunity to meet new and interesting people
• Business trips, which indicates visiting different cities and countries
• Fame
• Being part of a brand you love.

In general, the work of a brand ambassador of wine is quite difficult. The schedule will most likely not be standardized. However, you have the opportunity to visit other countries, meet new people and talk about the product you love.

A real ambassador is a person who leads a socially active life and whose opinion is listened to. This is a person who brings the values of a certain brand to the world.

You can become an ambassador if you sign a contract with a manufacturer. Brand management selects a person for this position according to various criteria. Here, an ambassador is a person who is passionate about the values of the company and can fully work as its special distributor.

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