How to Choose the Perfect Bottle of Champagne to Gift

5th February 2019


Choosing the perfect Champagne can be tricky especially if you have no idea about the standards of good sparkling wine, so here is a gift guide on how to choose the perfect bottle of Champagne to gift.

Sparkling wine is probably one of the best gift ideas if you want to make someone feel very special. Champagne screams exceptional, luxurious, and sophisticated which is why it is a great celebratory gift. Although giving Champagne as a gift sounds like a good idea, it can be tricky especially if you have no idea about the qualities of a good Champagne and if you’re giving it to a Champagne lover. If you are pressured about choosing the right Champagne for a person, then here are some tips on how to choose the perfect bottle of Champagne to gift.

Tips on how to choose the perfect bottle of Champagne to gift:

Wine vintage – The wine vintage pertains to the year the grapes were harvested and it is extremely important because it greatly affects the taste and quality of the wine. Before buying wine, you must do a little research about sparkling wine brands and years with best vintage quality because the weather during that year’s growing season is a huge factor.

Taste – If you are giving gifts to Champagne lovers, you must also take note of the sweetness or dryness of the wine. If the person doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you might want to look for brut sparkling wines, but if the person does have a sweet tooth then you might consider doux. Krug, Brut, 2004 can be the best Champagne to gift to someone who likes Brut sparkling wines.

Personalities – You must also consider the personality of the person who will receive your gift. Champagne bottles are aesthetically pleasing and another way to impress them aside from the taste is the appearance of the bottle. One of the best Champagne in terms of style and taste is Cristal Rosé, 2009. You should also consider the occasion when choosing a sparkling wine. For example, if you want to give someone a gift as a thanks for their term paper writing service, you can give them a Dom Pérignon, 2009 x Tokujin Yoshioka.

Size – Another gift guide is if you are bringing Champagne on holiday celebrations to drink it with your family or friends, then magnum is the best option. If you are going to give it to someone special, then a standard size is enough. But remember, the smaller the bottle the more special should the sparkling wine be. If you aren’t sure if the sparkling wine is good or not, then just look for the best Champagne brands and get a magnum sized one.

In choosing the perfect bottle, every aspect counts.
Remember that most Champagne bottles are aesthetically pleasing, but you must not buy a sparkling wine solely because of its bottle design. You must always consider the preference of the person who will receive the gift. Remember, taste and texture really matters, it defines the quality of the wine. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a poor quality sparkling wine with great bottle design. If you are struggling on how to choose the perfect bottle of Champagne to gift, do a little research and ask wine sellers and collectors for advice.

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