How to Enjoy a Wine Tasting Visit Responsibly

26th September 2018

If you’ve been looking forward to a special wine tasting day for a while, you’re probably eager to jump in and start sampling the wines. Many times, people come to wineries to enjoy themselves, and they can get carried away at these drinking events. This can be especially frustrating if you’re the one stuck driving them.

Your wine trip should be as pleasant as possible and there are a few steps you can take to ensure that it is. We’re going to look at a few ways you can make sure you can enjoy your day out without making a mistake.

1. Choose a designated driver early

If one of your group gets less carried away than the rest, coax them into serving as your designated driver. This may take a bribe. The reality of these events is that people tend to drink more than they mean to. If you can invite someone along who doesn’t drink, that would be a good option. This person is vital not only to driving everyone home, but making sure they make it back to the ride in the first place.

You might think a non-drinker would get bored at one of these wine tasting sessions, but there should still be plenty to learn about the history of the place, as well as food and other things to enjoy.

2. Use the spittoons

If you’re going to drink as much as possible—you might be heading to the wrong event. Not only is that not really what these events are designed for, it’s actually contrary to the point. If you drink heavily, you might not remember which wines you preferred. You could even lose the ability to tell the difference. Real wine tasting events are supposed to happen alongside spittoons—meaning you can taste the wine without feeling inebriated. Use them.

3. Book a coach tour

If you can’t find a designated driver, book a tour that’ll take you to and from the venue without anybody needing to drive. These might be a bit more expensive, but they could be worth it. You can also include multiple visits to different wineries and food producers on the same tour including plenty for non-drinkers to enjoy.

4. Take a break

You don’t have to drink continuously just because you’re at a wine tasting event. Take a while to walk around the grounds or visit the gift shop. Consider staying overnight if you’ve arrived at a winery with accommodation.

5. Eat plenty

Don’t just drink simply because it’s a wine tasting event. Eat. There could be plenty on offer and it’ll help line your stomach.

6. Don’t go crazy

Pace yourself. All day wine tasting is a long time if you aren’t using the spitoon. Don’t jump in and try and drink too much, too quickly.

7. Get public transport

If you can’t get a coach tour, get the bus to save you having to drive.

8. Have the card of a good lawyer

If you do end up getting stopped by the police on the way back, you might need a good DUI lawyer. Some police forces have started to become aware of how often people are drinking and driving at these events, so be careful. If you are stopped, choose a legal firm that has a long history with DUI cases like Colorado Legal Defense Group. Know that some of the wine might get into your system even if you use the spittoons.

Don’t risk it and don’t drive while you’re over the limit.


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