How to Enjoy Drinking Your Champagne

4th February 2019


Champagnes are really special. It is a widely recognized brand that does not come cheap. Unlike the traditional belief that it is reserved for special occasions, you do not have to wait for the special occasions to have the best. Enjoy it anytime. There are so many ways you can make drinking your Champagne more enjoyable and fun. It is best enjoyed when the weather is warm, with friends but you can also enjoy it alone. The following are tips to help you enjoy your Champagne more:

1. Opening the Bottle

When opening the bottle of your Champagne there are a few things you should do. First, take some safety measures. After you loosen the cage, place one hand over the cork, to prevent it from accidentally popping off. Do not point the cork towards anyone. Do not twist the cork, but rather twist the bottle. It allows you to have more control of the bottle as you remove the cork gently.

2. Serve it Chilled

The Champagne should be served chilled. It should be stored in the refrigerator. However, most people make a mistake of chilling it too much. The flavors of the wine will be locked out when you chill it too much. When you get the bottle from the fridge, open it and let it stay open without serving for a moment. The ideal temperatures for serving champagne is 50°. If the bottle was not stored in the fridge, the best way to chill it is to place it in a bucket of ice and add about a third of the water. Let the bottle of Champagne stay in the bucket for approximately 20 minutes.

3. How to Pour

Do not pour too much Champagne into the glass. Just pour about one-thirds of the glass. Pouring too much of it in the glass will get warm too quickly. To prevent the bubbly from getting warm too quickly, do not hold the bowl of the glass. Hold the stem. It is classy and it will keep the Champagne cold for long.

4. Drink and Eat

You can enjoy drinking your Champagne while you are eating. It can be a dinner, lunch or with a dessert. It is actually not advisable to drink the wine all by itself. You can pair it with foods such as fish, grilled vegetables or meat. Additionally, you can enjoy the Champagne with Cumberland Sausages, fries, cheese or fried chicken. Champagne is best enjoyed with fatty and salty foods. More food to eat along with your Champagne are lobsters, tacos, burgers or barbeque. This helps bring out the freshness and a great taste of the Champagne.

5. Sniff It

You should smell your Champagne before sipping it. Smelling the wine will help in enhancing the taste of the Champagne. You will enjoy more as you can feel both the taste and the pleasant smell.

6. Keep it closed

While you sip the Champagne from the glass, do not forget to keep the bottle tightly closed. When you leave it open for long, the bubbles will escape and the flavor and the taste will decrease too. Keeping a stopper on will the keep the remaining Champagne fresh even for a whole day.

As you can see, you can enjoy and improve the taste of your Champagne by doing a few simple things. Remember Champagne can be enjoyed at any time and is great company paired with great food and the right glass.

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