How to Host a Fabulous Dinner Party

12th December 2019


What better way to have a social gathering at home than hosting a dinner party? Whether it be entertaining work colleagues or catching up with friends and family, it’s a lovely way to spend an evening. Many things will need to be planned if you are going to make it spectacular. Here are some ideas and tips to make sure your dinner party goes without a hitch.


One of the first things you should do is establish how many people are being catered for. Whilst a text or a phone call may be quicker, sending invitations will not only look great but will make sure that your guests have all the information they need. Include your address and the time and date of the party. You may also want to add a note about the dress code. It will be a welcomed relief to guests if they know that they are wearing the correct attire. If you aren’t the most creative, many outlets will create invitations for you. Don’t forget to add an RSVP and ask if any guests have specific dietary requirements.


A dinner party needs an amazing table. Consider the color scheme that you would like and buy a tablecloth with matching napkins. A candelabra or flower arrangement will make a great centerpiece and create a real wow factor on any table. If you want something unusual then speak to your local florist to see what they can provide. Check that you have adequate crockery and cutlery and make sure it all matches. Name cards will add a finishing touch to your table and will make seating your guests far quicker.


If you aren’t using outside caterers, consider a menu that includes foods that can be pre-prepared. If you can make starters and dessert in advance it means that you will only have one course to cook during your party. This will ensure that you can spend more time with your guests and also make things far less stressful. Try to avoid things like steak which needs to be cooked to exacting standards.


Ensure that you have water glasses and wine glasses on your table. Many guests like to have water throughout dinner so add a few water jugs to each side of the table and make sure these are filled regularly. Pairing wines with your menu is a good idea. Do some research as to which wine goes with each of your chosen courses. Visit a liquor store and get everything you need in advance.

Music and entertainment

Music can add a real ambiance to any dinner party. Classical music is a good choice to have playing in the background. Create a playlist in advance and make sure that it is long enough to run throughout dinner. Post dinner, you might want to organize some entertainment or play some fun card games or even organise a quiz. All that is left to do is be a fabulous host!

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