How To Make Fizz Fruit Skewers

23rd January 2020

How To Make Fizz Fruit Skewers

If you are looking for a new and exciting party food, then this should definitely be a contender, a Fizz Fruit Skewer, easy to make and fun to eat.

Sparkling Wine

First and foremost, you need to pick a bottle of Sparkling Wine, I’ve gone for a bottle of Cantina Rotaliana R Trentodoc Extra Brut 2010.

Cantina Rotaliana R Trentodoc Extra Brut 2010

Cantina Rotaliana R Trentodoc Extra Brut 2010

Located in Northern Italy, in the city of Trento, Cantina Rotaliana has over 80 years of experience in creating great tasting Wines and Sparkling Wines.

The winery is only called Cantina Rotaliana because of a merger back in 1968, when the winery was first created in 1931, it was called Cantina Cooperativa di Mezzolombardo, the winery joined forces with another winery, Società Enologica Rotaliana, to create the name we know today, Cantina Rotaliana di Mezzolombardo.

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Creamy citrus, golden rose petals and biscuits.”

Taste – “Minerals and lemon sherbert.”

This Italian Sparkling Wine won a Bronze Medal in the Classic & Elegant Category in The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019.

Fizz Fruit Skewers

Fizzy Fruit

Fizzy Fruit

You can make a fruit skewer with any fruit you would like, I’ve gone for Strawberries, Raspberries and Peaches, but you could go for Green Apples, Red Apples and Pears, the only thing you need to follow in making a Fizz Fruit Skewer is to soak the fruit in Sparkling Wine for 12 hours.

My Ingredients

  • Sparkling Wine
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Peaches

How To Make Fizz Fruit Skewers

Chopped Fruit

Remove the stems from the Strawberries and chop a Peach into slices.


Bowl of Fizzy Fruit

Get a bowl and pour in the Sparkling Wine to submerge most of the fruit.


Fruit in Fizz

Place the Strawberries, Raspberries and Peaches into your bowl and place in your fridge for 12 hours.


Fizz Fruit Skewers

12 hours later remove from the fridge, get some cocktail sticks and slide the fruit on.


Fizz Fruit Skewers

Finally, Serve & Enjoy.


Tasting Notes – “The best form of alcoholised fruit, you can taste the Sparkling Wine in the fruit, you still taste the sweetness from the strawberry and you get a chocolatey flavour from the peach, a great snack or party food.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.