How to Pair Wine with Desserts at Your Wedding

20th February 2019


What’s a wedding without wine? Raising a toast on this special day symbolizes sharing the richness of life, and the sweetness of love with your special someone, family, and friends.

While you may have decided the perfect glass for the main dish, it would be a travesty to miss out pairing the perfect wine with the dessert.

After all, vino and desserts are a few of our favorite things, so why not bring them together?
Here are some ways you can impress your guests by pairing wine with desserts at your wedding.

A glass that warms the heart
Rustic weddings mean seasonal and heartwarming dessert ideas: from classic pies to fabulous fruit cakes and courses.

Here, a bottle of Tawny Port or Moscato serves as delightful pairings for the insatiable sweet cravings. The Tawny’s unique aging process is behind its distinct rusty color, and it carries a rich, caramelized, nutty flavor that’s perfect for apple and pumpkin pies or even ginger-flavored cakes and puddings.

Looking for something fruity and light? A venerable product of Italy, the Moscato is a versatile and refreshing drink with a natural fruitiness that matches an array of final courses: strawberry shortcakes, nectarine tarts, plates of fresh fruits, crème brûlée, or cheesecakes.

See the sparkle in the eyes
Make your romantic affair festive by pairing Champagne and desserts.

A bubbly glass of rosé or pink Prosecco style marries extraordinarily well with chocolate truffles, tiramisu, or custard-based dishes. Choose Champagnes with the doux or demi-sec labels that are among the category’s sweeter iterations.

Cream- and milk-based desserts, on the other hand, make a remarkable pairing with English sparkling wine, with its hallmark freshness and jolt of acidity.

Serving cold treats on your wedding day? Pair your pistachio ice cream or strawberry sorbet with Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine with rich floral aromas that’s lively on the palate, and complements the rich texture of your cool desserts.

Red is the color of love
With its big bold taste, the Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular red wine in the world. Pair this noble drink with an elegant cheese tray as your dessert. Opt for stronger cheeses like Brie and serve it with membrillo, a sweet and savory Spanish delicacy. This combination makes for a rich final course that matches the full-bodied flavor of the Cabernet.

Another favorite red wine, Merlot is the perfect vino for rich desserts. With its earthy aroma and plummy flavor, Merlot goes well with triple chocolate brownies or creamy dark chocolate mousse topped with fresh berries.

Golden hour
If you love your white, then consider pairing your favorite bottle of Sauvignon and Chardonnay with your wedding day desserts.

Light and crisp unoaked Chardonnay has a lively acidity that goes nicely with orange soufflé. Well-aged variations, on the other hand, recall fruity overtones, vanilla, and caramel. This makes it a great pair for desserts with a toasty flavor – think of the signature French recipe tarte tatin

Delicious peach cobblers or lemon meringue tart, on the other hand, goes beautifully with the crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc. Just make sure to look for late harvest variations for that added sweetness.

Much like planning your wedding, choosing the perfect wine to pair with desserts at your wedding is influenced heavily by your personal taste. Just be sure to do a tasting to make sure the wine fits with the afters you’ll be serving.

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