How to Pick out Dessert Wines for Your Wedding

25th November 2019

champagne dessert suggestions

Wine and desserts: aren’t weddings the best time to bring some of our favorite things together? But while choosing a glass of bubbly for a toast may be easier, picking out the right bottle to pair with your sweet confections may be a little trickier.

As a general rule, dessert wines should be sweeter than or as sweet as the dessert. It’s also best enjoyed in smaller glasses and savored like the lovely memories you’re celebrating. This allows the wine to truly stand out.

It’s also important to make sure your food and dessert pairings blend with the overall atmosphere of your wedding day. Are you going for a rustic celebration or a minimalist affair? Is it modern or vintage, casual or formal? The theme, location, and season are all factors that will influence your choice.

Below, we share some ways you can make your guests taste buds sparkle with the perfect dessert wines.

A summer romance

If you’re planning a destination wedding in the tropics or tying the knot in summer, choose some refreshing sparkling white wines or Champagne. Its crisp natural acidity goes well with citrus and cheesecake parfaits, as well as apples and apple-based desserts. The German Riesling’s distinctly floral and fruity aroma, on the other hand, is a versatile and food-friendly wine. Choose the sweet style that makes a terrific partner for fruit tarts, crème brûlée, and custard-based dishes. It’s a perfect combination for your romantic wedding theme.

Fall’s harvest

For a rustic celebration in fall, a deeper, complex and full-bodied wine is most fitting. While the Madeira is the popular choice for desserts like pumpkin pie, the tawny Port is an equally suitable alternative that boasts a bit more character than the Portuguese classic. Aged in wooden casks and composed of a blend of different vintages, the tawny has a rich, nutty flavor that packs some power. It’s a match made in heaven when paired with dried fruits, egg pastries, and rich blue cheese.

The unexpected pair

When it comes to laidback affairs, cotton candy-flavored desserts have become a huge food trend in events, shares BBJ Linen. So to complement this nostalgic treat, opt for a bottle of Lambrusco Rosato. This sparkling red wine’s delicate aromas of berries and – yes – cotton candy, works surprisingly well with sugar-covered confections and fluffy desserts. Be sure to pick out bottles labeled “dulce” or “amabile” for the sweet versions.

Stylish sherry

A fortified from Spain, the sherry is a versatile wine that boasts a huge array of flavors. It’s the perfect option for a stylish and savvy wedding crowd. For your wedding reception, pair sweet sherry with tiramisu and vanilla ice cream. The Pedro Ximenez variety balances out desserts like dark chocolate, blue cheese, and dried figs and prunes. On the other hand, the Moscatel’s fresh flavor complements moderately sweet treats like lemon meringue pie, candied fruit, and baked goods.

Just like the royals

For a classic and ‘royal’ celebration, the amber-gold Tokaji offers a hint of Old World elegance to any affair. Known as the wine of kings, Tokaji, especially its aszu version, is unrivalled in its sweetness. Pair this gem with just about anything – pralines with chocolate, caramelized apples, gingerbread cake, mince pies, roast pineapples – and your wedding cake.

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