How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

17th January 2022

Deseado and Raspberry Ripple Cake

Having Valentine’s dinner at home is the perfect opportunity for romance. By putting in a little more extra effort to planning, cooking, and presenting a meal, you’re showing just how much you care about your partner on this special day. And it won’t go unappreciated!

But how do you get started planning a romantic dinner? There are many things to consider, from what to serve your partner to what wine to pair and how to present it. It can get less romantic and more overwhelming without the right steps ahead of time.

Not to worry! We have our top tips for planning a lovely night with your loved one.

Start with an Aphrodisiac
You and your partner love each other — but why not get some extra help in creating an intimate atmosphere from your food? There is a long list of aphrodisiacs you can choose from to incorporate into your meal. These magical, delectable delights are sure to set the mood you want.

One of our favorite aphrodisiacs is lobster, which has high zinc content. Not only is this a yummy delicacy, but it’s pretty simple to make. Considering that boiling and steaming are the two most popular options, just about anyone can tackle this dish.

Maine lobster is the sweetest and most tender lobster in the world. And with the beauty of online shopping, you can have it delivered to your doorstep. Be sure to compare Maine lobster delivery options now because February 14th will be here sooner than you know it.

Choose a Wine Wisely
Once you’ve selected your main dish, it’s time to pair it with wine. But don’t jump for your favorite go-to bottle. This is a special meal, and that calls for a unique wine.

When having a glass of wine with dinner, neither the food nor drink stands alone. They will influence the taste of each other, bringing out hidden flavors and allowing you to discover what would otherwise be unnoticed nuances to a dish or drink.

The right pairing will make your meal and wine more delicious than they would be alone. Although this is terrible news for those wanting leftovers for the next day, your partner will love the care and attention you put into the evening.

Here are some quick rules of thumb for pairing your wine:

1. Red wines go with red meat.
2. White wines go with light meat and seafood.
3. Wine should be more acidic than food.

Don’t Forget About Dessert!
Don’t put so much thought into pairing your wine with an entrée that you forget dessert. The light, delicate flavors of your strawberry cake won’t stand a chance against a bold, robust Cabernet Sauvignon.
You want to finish the evening on a high note, which means continuing your pairing into dessert. Here are some of the best dessert wine pairings to consider:

• Shiraz
• Moscato
• Prosecco (We love a good glass of bubbly, after all!)

Set the Mood
You have the food and the wine ready. But you’re not quite ready yet! Take the evening to the next level with a fabulous setup. With some simple decorations, your living room can take you from just another evening of dining at home to the most romantic nights of the year.

First, start with the lighting. You can swap out light lamp shades for dark and even switch out a light bulb or two for more romantic lighting. Add a red tablecloth, rose petals, and decorations. Not only will the red wine stains be less of an issue, but science shows that there is a genuine link between red and romance.

Once your decor is set up, you’re ready for a special night.

Enjoy Your Special Evening Together
If you work hard on everything, including the wine, food, and decorations, your partner is sure to love the evening you have planned. But of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t about food: it’s about the two of you. So here’s a toast to you lovebirds, and may you have a successfully romantic evening that you always remember.

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