Huré Frères Cuvée Mémoire

6th October 2014

Huré Frères Cuvée Mémoire

A wine with a quirky story, Memoire is blended using the solera method, comprising 30 reserve vintage wines and with a year’s maturation in oak barrels. This ultimate Champagne gives testimony to the years of family ‘savoir faire’.

A true snapshot of the domain, this cuvee is blended from all of our ‘terroirs’, with each variety present in the percentage that it is grown.

Tasting Notes
This wine has an intense nose of fresh nut and Mirabelle, yet retains a lively citrus freshness. The length and purity of the palate reveals the potential of the champenois terroirs to develop after many years of maturation. A wine for gastronomy, it will marry perfectly with fish or even thin

10% Chardonnay – Montagne de Reims and Vitryat
45% Pinot Meunier – Montagne de Reims, Vallée de l’Ardre
45% Pinot Noir – Montagne de Reims, Vallée de l’Ardre
Solera began 1982

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