Hush Heath Estate

17th May 2014

With its fine soils and mild climate, Kent as the “Garden of England” has a long and famous history of fruit growing. Kent is now home to some of the finest vineyards planted in England in the last 30 years.

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The first vineyard to be planted at Hush Heath was in 2002. The three classic Champagne varieties of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier were planted, with various clones and rootstock combinations. Having different clone and rootstock combinations helps mitigate against climatic variation. Some clones perform better than others in any given year and it also adds to the complexity of the wine. The varietal mix was selected for the express reason of producing a top quality Rosé sparkling so there is a slight bias towards the reds, 45% Pinot Noir,45% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir for fruit, perfume and colour, Chardonnay for finesse and acidity and Pinot Meunier for a little spiciness and colour.


The Vineyards now extend to 20 acres at Hush Heath with a further 10 acres in nearby Sandhurst.


The Winery was built in 2010. It has a capacity of 120,000l in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. It is fully equipped with its own bottling line, riddling and disgorging equipment, and labelling line.

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