Hydroptere celebrates in Honolulu with MUMM

21st July 2015

Hydroptere celebrates in Honolulu with MUMM

Hydroptere, headed by Alain Thébault and his crew, left Los Angeles on Monday 2nd June 2015 and has just arrived in Honolulu after a crossing of more than 2215 nautical miles (4102 km).

Hydroptere becomes the first flying hydrofoil to cross an ocean. The Transpacific record was not beaten as the weak wind conditions along the route did not allow the trimaran to achieve high cruising speeds.8hl

Throughout its history Mumm has been dedicated to pushing limits in the pursuit of victory and seeking international partners who are breaking boundaries to shape our future. These are the same core values that lie at the heart of Thébault’s endeavours, making this a natural partnership for the House.

Mumm will support Thébault and the team on its ground-breaking quest for speed and precision throughout the journey. A jeroboam of Mumm Champagne will be presented at the finish line to honour these true pioneers and to reward their pursuit of this inspired victory.



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