Ibiza Ice

15th June 2014

Ibiza Ice

Get ready for summer and the beginning of festival season with the exciting, refreshing taste of Ibiza Ice!

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Market trends this year have indicated that consumers are looking for exciting and innovative new alcoholic drinks as a departure from traditional fare. Ibiza Ice is the perfect answer: fusing sparkling wine with exotic, natural fruit flavours, with a refreshing result lower in calories than traditional wine or Champagne.

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This exciting new drink is available in two exquisite flavours, White Isle and Sunset, both of which flawlessly embody the sensual Mediterranean glamour of their namesake. White Isle blends lychee, lime, and melon with sparkling wine, while Sunset combines fresh pomegranate and sparkling wine, providing two premium, exotic cocktails to suit any mood.

Packaged in a stylish, stay-cool aluminium bottle, Ibiza Ice is ideal for festivals.


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