Important Things to Know When You Serve Alcohol at Events

1st May 2023


Serving alcohol, especially sparkling wine during the event is a fun and festive way to interact with guests. However, serving alcohol at events isn’t all fun and games either, as it also comes with a great deal of responsibility associated with serving alcohol regardless of the event you are in.

Whether it’s serving alcohol during a corporate event, a wedding, a birthday party, or an anniversary, serving alcohol requires attention to detail and careful planning to avoid different kinds of events like accidents and injuries from happening. That’s why licenses and certification, even just attending BASSET certification online are important to learn more about alcohol serving.

Five Important Things To Know When You Serve Alcohol at Events

The responsibility doesn’t stop when you’ve poured alcohol into their glasses, and it’s what comes after next where you’d most likely give importance as well. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the important things to know when you serve alcohol at events to understand more than just what you’ve learned from BASSET certification online, as this ensures everyone goes home happy and safe after the event.

Plan, Plan, and Plan!

Before any event, it requires careful planning to execute an event successfully. So, when you oversee an event or service, planning is the best way to avoid any unfortunate events and circumstances.

The first thing to note is how big the event is and how many guests will arrive. This way, you get a good idea of whether or not it will be a handful to try and please everyone. Nobody likes to be declined when serving alcohol, right? Or exhaust your alcohol right before the event starts because everyone wants to take a shot or two.

The methods you will use during the event can make or break your company or you, so careful planning is a must when serving alcohol at an event. Choose your option wisely and always weigh out the pros and cons.

Ensure You Are Licensed to Serve

Serving alcohol requires a license, too, did you know? In most states, individuals serving alcohol need to undergo training before they can eventually serve alcohol at events. Why? It’s because serving alcohol at events without a license is a serious offense, and you could face legal consequences if you don’t have one.

Training is required for people working in alcohol-serving establishments because this training covers all the things they need to know to serve alcohol safely. One of the topics discussed is how to spot fake IDs, identify intoxicated persons, and many more.

So, if you are hired to serve at an event, be sure to bring your alcohol-serving license to be compliant and serve alcohol safely and have your guests arrive home safe.

Take Steps To Avoid Drunk Driving

More often than not, there will be the guest that drunk way too much than they already should. As a result, going home drunk is not the best way to go for them. This is the most important thing you must avoid when serving alcohol during events.

If you’re overseeing an event, tell your staff and security to check everyone who goes in and out of the premises. Always emphasize that before each one goes home, they are not completely intoxicated and do whatever it takes to educate them not to go home if they are drunk.

Limitation is Key

While not everyone is a fan of it, limiting drinks to guests can be a surefire way they can go home safe and sound to their families. Open bars during events are fun, but it does have that kind of hazardous element because people can just ask what they want and drink what they want on a whim.

However, if you limit how much guests are allowed to drink, you reduce the risk of potential accidents and injuries that may happen before and after the event.

The best way to go about this idea is to give them drink passes or tickets. This way, you don’t get thrown off by how they will respond if you give instructions to them verbally. While it can get pretty fun and festive all of a sudden, knowing that they have a limitation on their drinks puts a quick end to their activity and go home safe.

Do Not Serve Alcohol to Minors!

There’s no denying every event has minors that would like to explore their chances of getting their hands with some alcoholic drinks. If you are skeptical about whether they are at the right age to drink, always ask them politely if they can provide a valid ID so you can serve them.

Some might take offense to it, but gently tell them they look minor to you, and more often than not, they’ll get flattered about it. However, angry guests can’t be ignored as well. Just tell them it’s your duty not to serve alcohol to minors, and you have the license to do so.

Wrapping Things Up

This guide will help your success when hosting an event where serving alcohol to guests is necessary. Always remember, before any event takes place, to plan out everything.

If you’ve followed some of the steps we’ve laid out for you, you will have no problems facing legal responsibilities. In addition, the topics we’ve covered should give you plenty of ideas on how to run things around when serving alcohol.

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