In Pink or Yellow Gold, Valentine’s Day Engraved for Eternity by Champagne Henri Giraud

4th February 2019


For the 14 February 2019, the craftsmen at Champagne Henri Giraud have reserved a superb surprise for you. Henri Giraud’s iconic clasp, gilded in pink or yellow gold which allows this precious bottle to be resealed, will reveal a great secret: the name of the person that you love. With this exclusive engraving for his Champagne MV Rosé and Argonne 2008, Henri Giraud wishes to share a lifelong love affair which began in 1625 and will endure for “eternity and beyond”.

Champagne Henri Giraud has always been a pioneer in innovation. In addition to their philosophy of “no restrictions, no obligations, simply make good wine”, their mindful approach to the environment, and in particular their commitment to ‘zero pesticide residues’, makes them today a reference for the most demanding of connoisseurs of fine wine. The personalization of their bottles with gold leaf engraving for certain establishments and restaurants around the world has, for some years now, made them the ultimate in Champagne. The personalization of their clasps, which since 2010 has been a privilege reserved for a small number of special customers only, is now proposed for Valentine’s Day 2019 to a few select lovers.

What greater declaration of love could there be than sharing a bottle of Champagne MV Rosé or Argonne 2008, two timeless expression of the Henri Giraud style. Delivered to your home in its special presentation case, it comes accompanied by a gold-plated opening knife. This limited edition is exclusively reserved for just 100 lovers who wish to immortalize this unique moment. So, when are you going to reveal the secret of your heart?

Glass of Bubbly

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