Independent Wine Merchants in the South West UK

1st February 2016

Independent Wine Merchants in the South West UK

Visiting independent wine shops is a great way to discover new wines and meet people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their products.

If you’re looking for a better range than the local supermarket, you can usually find more interesting sparkling wines stocked in an independent shop – and if you’re lucky, some local English sparkling wines!

Independent shops in the South West:

The Wine Shop – Somerset

Kelli Coxhead created The Wine Tasting Co. in 2009, out of a passion and love for wine, and a desire to share this with other people. As well as selling wine, The Wine Shop holds wine tastings once or twice a month.

Avery’s of Bristol – Bristol

Averys has had a shop in Bristol since 1793. Today, you’ll find them at 9 Culver Street, a stone’s throw from the original premises on Park Street. They stock over 1000 wines and you can even visit their historic cellars. There are also regular tastings held at the store.

No.8 Wine Company  Dorset

Find this cosy wine merchant in Tarrant Hinton, Dorset (or with free delivery within 10 miles, you don’t even need to leave your chair!). They also do wine tastings, such as their recent Bollinger tasting.

Christopher Piper Wines – Devon

Christopher Piper Wines was established in 1979 by Chris Piper (Chairman) after working in Beaujolais, as a wine-maker in Brouilly. Joined by  John Earle, they created their own wine shop. Their motto is ‘Top quality products backed by top quality service.‘  They have a great selection of French sparkling wine (Champagne and Crémant).

Yapp Brothers Wiltshire

The Yapp brothers focus on characterful wines from small independent wine makers. Founded in 1969, Yapp Brothers Wine Merchants is widely recognised as the UK’s leading importer of French regional wines.

Wadebridge Wines – Cornwall

Family owned and situated in the heart of Wadebridge, Cornwall. The large, airy store is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike with a constantly evolving selection of around 800 wines, including a range of Champagne and other sparkling wine, including local favourite Camel Valley.


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