Infamous London Hatton Heist site to become Wine Bar

28th January 2016

Infamous London Hatton Heist site to become Wine Bar

The scene of the largest burglary in British history is due to be transformed into a wine bar and restaurant.

The Hatton heist took place in April 2015 when 9 burglers managed to get into the underground Hatton Garden Safe Deposit in London and steal £14m-worth of gems. Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd went into liquidation after this due to lack of trade.

However, it is reported that the new wine bar will make use of the buildings reputation in hopes customers will be fascinated by the raid, while enjoying a glass of bubbly.

The burglers managed to drill a large 50cm deep hole through the walls to get to the gems. The hole was sealed over but has now been drilled back open as the bar intends to use it for passing drinks through.


Glass of Bubbly

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