Interesting Facts about Champagne

29th September 2017


Did you know 1 bottle of Champagne contains approx 1.2 kg grapes.

Only wine of grapes that are cultivated in the Champagne region by the Méthode Traditionelle are allowed to carry the name Champagne.

Champagne is best stored at a temperature around 7-12 °C and best served at a temperature around 8-10 °C.

Grand Cru or Premier Cru refers to the best-rated villages of the Champagne region. There are 17 Grand Crus, for example: Ambonnay, Avize, Aye, Bouzy, Cramant, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Tours-sur-Marne and 41 Premier Crus, for example: Chouilly, Hautvillier, Marcel-sur-Ay.

A Riddler is a person who shakes, turns and moves the bottles in order for the sediment float into the bottleneck. A Riddler normally turns 20,000 to 30,000 bottles per day.

Cuvée: the first pressing
Taille: the second pressing
Débourbage: undoing the impurities from the pressed grape juice.

Chaptalization process: adding sugar to the juice to increase the alcohol percentage. The yeast in the barrels transforms the sugar into alcohol.

Non Vintage Champagnes have to be stored in the cellars for a minimum of 15 months and Vintage Champagnes for a minimum of 3 years.

The longer the Champagne ripens in the cellars, the better the taste. However, this is only applicable when the yeast is in the bottle. Dead yeast cells give the Champagne the taste of bread dough and brioche.

The best place to discover everything you ever wanted to know about Champagne is in the Champagne region itself and from the Champagne Houses that produce the Champagne, see the whole production process, explore the vineyards and see how the grapes get from the vine into the glass of Champagne that you love to enjoy!

With so many Champagne Houses to choose to visit from large well-known names, you find in the supermarket to small friendly grower winemakers which are very family orientated, have a look at where you can browse the selection of Champagne Houses which offer a range of tours and tastings. Once you have chosen which Champagne Houses you’d like to visit you can book online for free and simply pay on arrival.

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