Interview With A Sommelier – Julie Fayet

4th December 2023

Interview With A Sommelier Julie Fayet

The World of Wine is beautifully showcased by an army of talented Sommeliers, who help the consumer discover their next favourite bottle, understand the different regions and pair a delicious meal with the right Glass of Bubbly.

In this interview, I speak with a woman who has helped many people to discover the vast world of Wines and Sparkling Wines, her name is Julie Fayet, let’s find out a bit about her life as a Sommelier.

Tell Us About Yourself

“I’m Julie Fayet, I’m 28 years old. I was born in Clermont-Ferrand, in the center of France, I lived there until I was 19. Good food and wines are part of the Auvergne lifestyle. I first studied aesthetics with a preference for perfumery. I then turned to catering, it is an environment that I have always liked and fascinated me and it was after more than five years of work as a chef de rang/ waitress and maître d’hôtel/ butler that I decided to resume my studies for the additional mention in Sommellerie (French diploma). After that, I worked for Michelin-starred restaurants as a Sommelier/Assistant Head Sommelier. I currently work in a 5 star hotel in Saint Tropez, for the famous restaurant BeefBar as a Sommelier. Now I am preparing for the WSET level 3.

Do You Remember Your First Experience With Sparkling Wine? When It Was And What Kind Of Wine It Was?

“My first experience with a sparkling wine was during a Christmas meal with family, it was Champagne (of course, it’s a tradition in my family) but I can’t remember the house. What I also remember is that I was not necessarily conquered, especially by the effect in the mouth, the bubble.”

What Inspired You To Become a Sommelier?

“I had been working as a maître d’hôtel for a few years now and there was no sommelier so I had to advise the clients as well as possible. I was very interested in wine but I really lacked the basics and knowledge. So I resumed my studies and there it was a revelation for me. I said to myself this is what I want to do.”

During Your Time As A Sommelier, What’s The Most Surprising & Interesting Thing You’ve Learnt?

“There were so many!! I would say all the same that what will always surprise me are the habits of certain customers. I had a regular customer, who only drank blanc de blancs Champagne and had to refresh her glass with ice cubes before serving her.”

What Advice Would You Give An Inspiring Sommelier?

“I think that to be a good sommelier, you have to listen. You have to listen to the customer, what he likes, what he wants or doesn’t want. We have to give good advice so that the guests are satisfied. It is also necessary to be aware and to keep informed of what is happening in the world of wine. And to finish I would say that you have to be curious about everything.”

If You Sat Down For A Quiet Dinner, What Dish And Sparkling Wine Would You Choose To Enjoy Together?

“Champagne is always a good idea! I would offer you a good comforting dish: a fillet of veal just rosé with asparagus au gratin and a morel sauce with Champagne from Eugnene Moussé, the cuvée les Vignes of my village, a full of Meunier Champagne. Something simple and comforting.”

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your words, knowledge and experiences with us and we at Glass of Bubbly wish you the very best for the future!

Images belong to Julie Fayet. Glass of Bubbly was granted permission, to use them.

Oliver Walkey

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