Interview With A Sommelier – Laura-Jamie Morgan

27th November 2023

Interview With A Sommelier Laura-Jamie Morgan

The World of Wine is beautifully showcased by an army of talented Sommeliers, who help the consumer discover their next favourite bottle, understand the different regions and pair a delicious meal with the right Glass of Bubbly.

In this feature, I speak with a woman who has helped many people to discover the vast world of Wines and Sparkling Wines, her name is Laura-Jamie Morgan, let’s find out a bit about her life as a Sommelier.

Tell Us About Yourself

“My name is LJ and I’ve worked in wine for 15 years. I’ve lived in Los Angeles and london but now I reside is Essex with my husband and 8 year old daughter. I started working in several wine bars in London and progressed with my WSET exams. After I moved out of London, I got a job as head sommelier in a vineyard in Essex. I have very recently started my own company, LJM wines, hosting Fun, informative wine tastings in the comfort of people’s homes. I love talking about wine whilst making it approachable and enjoyable for all my customers.”

Do You Remember Your First Experience With Sparkling Wine? When It Was And What Kind Of Wine It Was?

“I wish my answer could be a really sophisticated one but instead it’s a very embarrassing story! When I was 16, I worked for a pizza express in my local village. I’d never had champagne before let alone opened a bottle. Some customers ordered a bottle and so I grabbed my bottle opener, headed over to the table and started trying to twist it in after taking off the cage. I had no idea how it was supposed to be opened!! If I could go back and tell myself at 16 I’d end up being a sommelier I would have found it hilarious and very unrealistic. But here I am!”

What Inspired You To Become a Sommelier?

“I wouldn’t say anything particularly inspired me. I was working part time jobs in restaurants to get by whilst working on my leather satchel company. I then really started to enjoy learning about the wines and found it all fascinating. My passion grew as did my knowledge. I think my love for wine was a great start though!”

During Your Time As A Sommelier, What’s The Most Surprising & Interesting Thing You’ve Learnt?

“How difficult it is to learn so much! It’s overwhelming the amount you need to study. I hated geography in school and have always been terrible with it but thats such a huge aspect of learning about wine. I find vineyard stories interesting, especially quirky ones. Like how it started, why they chose the name, and their wine making and ageing methods. When you don’t study wine or have a huge passion for it, you just drink it and don’t think twice about how that wine was made and how the aromas and tastes came to be. I used to be like this when I was younger. But now I love a back story of how it became the wine I’m drinking! Feels more special somehow.”

What Advice Would You Give An Inspiring Sommelier?

“Study hard. Draw maps. Post them in your house. Look at them constantly! Try unique, different wines and learn about them. People love a wine story. Wine exams are of course a big part of your journey but they’re not essential. If you have a passion, you’ll gain the knowledge and your excitement will

Shine through. Wine should never be boring!”

If You Sat Down For A Quiet Dinner, What Dish And Sparkling Wine Would You Choose To Enjoy Together?

“Sorry but I have to be super traditional here! It would be oysters with shallot vinegarette & lemon paired with a delicious English sparkling. Gusbourne Blanc de Blanc is one of my faves! Of course I love champagne but English sparklings can be stunning and I love drinking a sparkling that’s close to home. Feels like magic.”

Thank you, Laura-Jamie, for sharing your words, knowledge and experiences with us and we at Glass of Bubbly wish you the very best for the future!

Images belong to Laura-Jamie Morgan. Glass of Bubbly was granted permission, to use them.

Oliver Walkey

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