Interview With An Oenologist – Anna Aga

1st December 2023

Interview With An Oenologist Anna Aga

The World of Wine is marvelously kept in its purest form thanks to the hard work and studies of Oenologists around the world, in this article, we speak with a woman who has helped encourage the growth of healthy grapes for the production of wine, her name is Anna Aga. Now let’s find out a bit about her life and career as an Oenologist.

Tell Us About Yourself

“My name is Anna AGA. I was born and raised in Athens, where I am actually based at the moment. I have spent time working as an oenologist in different areas of Greece and short periods abroad, but keep returning to Athens.

During the last year, I have worked as a freelancer consultant oenologist, in both winemaking and wine communication sectors.

I love making, tasting and enjoying wine with great company. I adore traveling and exploring new wine regions, indigenous varieties, winemakers and wine producers all over the world. My dream is to constantly get as much experience as I can in all parts of the industry and travel to other countries to obtain a global overview.

Besides wine, I like hiking, photography, island hopping and spending time with friends and family, as well as my beloved dog.”

How Did You Become Involved In The Wine Industry?

“Having no previous connection with wine by family or origins, I got into the wine world accidentally, when I succeeded in the entrance exams at the Department of Oenology and Technology of Beverages of the University of West Attica, in Athens. I discovered a whole new world, with which I completely fell in love from the beginning and was eager to finish my studies and start working as an oenologist, in the wine production.

I was rather lucky to start working in a winery where women were encouraged to take on responsibilities and initiative. Later on, I was both passionate and persistent enough as well as willing to change different positions in the wine industry, having as a goal my personal development. I was predominantly occupied with wine production, quality control, as well as guided tours, wine tasting events and represented the wineries I worked for in international and Greek wine exhibitions.

Having completed 19 harvests so far, in several wineries in Attica, Peloponnese, Corfu, Crete and France, as well as having participated in wine competitions in many countries, I feel privileged to be in the wine business and desire to explore more in the coming years.

During this journey, my occupation and in-depth training in social media since 2011, as well as my involvement in the creation of a multilingual site for the promotion of Greek wine, have broadened my horizons. I have also worked as a Syllabus & Diploma Coordinator for a WSET Approved Programme Provider in Greece, as well as for a wine communication company, and have also acquired a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.”

As An Oenologist, What Challenges Do You Find Yourself Facing Each Year?

“I have always been happy and satisfied to overcome challenges in each harvest period regarding the unexpected weather conditions, like in the Loire Valley, in 2002 which was a very difficult year and I managed to overcome any difficulties arisen albeit my limited experience, and in Attica in 2014 which was a dreadful year, during which a hailstorm ruined most of the vineyard.

During the last harvests, I worryingly follow how climate change is affecting wine production all over Greece, although I am more involved in the wine communication sector at the time being, and trying to acquire a thorough understanding of the wine exports.”

How Do You See the Future Of Greek Sparkling Wine?

“More and more Greek Sparkling Wines of excellent quality, appear in the wine market during the last years, coming from the mainland, as well as from the islands.

Their overwhelming advantage is that these wines are often made from indigenous varieties and reflect the unique character of the terroir of their origins. I shouldn’t neglect to mention some amazing Greek Sparkling Wines, made from: Xinomavro, in the area of Amyndeon (Northern Greece), Assyrtiko in Santorini (Cyclades), Moschofilero in Mantinia (Peloponnese), Vidiano in the island of Crete, as well as Debina, in the area of Zitsa, (Epirus).

What I wish to see in the future is an increase in the consumption levels of these sparkling wines in Greece, on an everyday basis and not only enjoy them on a special occasion of the New Year, a wedding or a big birthday party.”

Where’s The Most Memorable Place You’ve Enjoyed A Glass of Bubbly?

“The most memorable place where I ‘ve enjoyed a glass of bubbly was in my house in the countryside of La Chapelle-Basse-Mer commune, in the Loire Valley, to celebrate the end of harvest, with a delicious Crémant de Loire and my colleagues.”

Thank you, Anna, for sharing your words, knowledge and experiences with us and we at Glass of Bubbly wish you the very best for the future!

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