Interview with the Bubble Bros

22nd March 2016

Interview with the Bubble Bros

Joe and Ben, the Bubble Bros have a van, a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape, imported from Italy which has been lovingly converted into a unique little Prosecco bar. The van and the Bubble Bros are available for weddings and garden parties as well as festivals and events. The on-tap bubbles come by the barrel and are supplied by a wine company called Frizzenti.

Glera Frizzante is a light and dangerously moreish tipple. It also makes a brilliant base ingredient for some fantastic cocktails, like the Bellini, the Aperol Spritz and their very own Brosecco.

Why did you choose Prosecco for the van?

It was actually the brainchild of Joe’s wife, Lucy. She has always preferred Prosecco over Champagne and one sunny afternoon at a festival she had a daydream about a little van driving up next to her and pouring an ice cold glass. We thought that was a great idea and made it happen.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve taken the van?

So far this year the little van has been fairly well behaved, but we have all sorts of adventures planned for the Summer. We’re going to be serving at one of the locations of Downton Abbey, parked up inside the Round House in Camden, at a Techno festival up in Leicestershire and listening to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath play in Donington Park.

What is your favourite food pairing with Prosecco?

Prosecco is a very forgiving wine and so too is Glera Frizzante. It seems to go well with everything from seafood to Soufflé, but Ben and I particularly like the combination of an ice cold glass, straight from our tap, paired with a nice big plate of pickles…

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