Irvine Meslier Brut

14th August 2014

Irvine Meslier Brut

The name Irvine represents a number of things: a luxurious super-premium wine brand, a gorgeous vineyard in Eden Valley, South Australia, a truly exciting dream and above all, a Grand experience in wine. At a much simpler level, Irvine is our family name and family business – the name at the front of the years of hard work and dedication put in by all of us at Springhill in the Eden Valley – myself James, my wife and partner Marjorie and our winemaker daughter Joanne.

Our wines show you innovation, purity, and rarity of variety, delivering excellence beyond expectation.

We all trust that you enjoy finding out more about the Irvine way of making great wines as much as we enjoy producing them.

To produce a very fine sparkling wine from a variety unknown in Australia and even rarely known in Champagne itself.

To establish a unique wine for a unique market position. Curiosity as to just what sort of wine Meslier would make could only be satisfied by in fact making a wine from it, hence the Meslier Brut.

To encourage more people to at least try this rare and beautiful sparkling wine we have held the price to very moderate levels.


Comprising of 50% of prior year Meslier with 50% of current year. The lovely light and lively nature of this wine is most apparent. Very pale in colour with a lifted and light floral bouquet. The crisp acid races across the palate while the natural fruit in the middle taste gives weight and flavour.

Think of ripe “Granny Smith” apples as the descriptor and it becomes easy to understand the Meslier character. It is this lifted fruit character rather than developed yeastiness that is the key to the enjoyment of the style. Quite dry even for Brut, but with excellent mid palate fruit and crisp tingly acid finish. A magnificent aperitif sparkling wine.

Quite unique in the balance of these characters, we have found that over a year or so the Meslier Brut deepens and further rewards both in colour and complexity. Superb with oysters, mussels and shellfish sprinkled with fresh juice of limes (rather than lemons).

Interestingly the French now produce Meslier Brut as well, and so follow the lead we set many years ago.


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