Italian Sparkling Selection by Libiamo

16th June 2015

Italian Sparkling Selection by Libiamo

Sparkling wines from Italy:

Spumante Charmat Brut, Rive Gauche, Malvirà


This surprising sparkling wine is a light straw-yellow colour, with aromas of white peach and blossom with a hint of herbs. It has a dry, refreshing taste.

It pairs well with chicken, pasta, light summer salads, fish, seafood and goats cheese.

Malvirà is a well established wine estate in the Roero area of Italy, recently named as a World Heritage site. Today it is managed by the founder’s sons. In spite of a constant growth in production and the increasing exposure to new markets, the winery is still a family business.

Spumante Charmat BrutEssè, Fattorie Vallona


This sparkling wine has a bright straw-yellow colour, with aromas of lightly-spiced fruits and hints of almond. It has a dry fruity taste.

It pairs well with sliced meat, grilled vegetables and seafood.

Thanks to the love for his land and the passion for the vineyard, Maurizio Vallona has managed over the years to give his wines a very personal touch, the result of long experience in the field.

Lessini Durello DOC, Spumante Metodo Classico 36 Mesi, Marcato


This sparkling wine is bright yellow in colour, with aromas of wildflowers, lemon and a hint of brioche. It has a smooth, dry taste.

It pairs well with fish and shellfish, great with oysters.

Over 140 years have elapsed since the day when the founder of the Marcato winery bought the first five pieces of land in Roncà, near Verona. The Marcato property has now grown to more than 60 hectares of land. Currently, the winery processes around six hundred tonnes of grapes per year.

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