J. de Telmont Prestige Cuvées

27th October 2014

J. de Telmont Prestige Cuvées

Grand Couronnement
Made up exclusively of selected white Chardonnay grapes, this exceptional cuvée was obtained from a selection of the best Côte de Blancs crus. After a meticulous choice of the finest grapes, only the premiere cuvée obtained from the first pressing was used in its composition.

The nobility of its origins, its slow production in the purest Champagne tradition and an aging process bringing it up to its apogee all make this an exceptional vintage that “crowns” our production, and indisputably gives it a place of honour among the top Champagnes.

Tasting description: The colour is beautiful, fine and tenacious pale gold with attractive yellow-green reflections. Very fine effervescence. The nose reveals a buttery, mineral note enhanced with fruits and brown sugar flavoured fruits, together with a slightly woody hint.

In the mouth, there is a good attack with remarkable freshness. There is a hint of butter with complex vanilla and brown sugar, and a developing note accompanied by
an elegant coolness, giving it a good, long, rich finish.

Grand Couronnement

Grand Couronnement

O.R. 1735
The result of our house’s creative imagination, the O.R. 1735 cuvée, combines all the savoir faire of Champagne through the selection of terroirs, the expression of
Chardonnay grapes grown in the best villages, and a long aging process in our cellars under cork. A genuine moment of history, in itself this cuvée represents 200 years of Champagne history.

Opening a bottle takes you on a journey back in time, as you discover all the know-how of Dom Pierre Pérignon and taste a Champagne found all too rarely nowadays.

Tasting description: The colour is golden with green reflections, developing towards deeper shades. It has a good, persistent mousse, ending in an effervescence with fine bubbles. The initial nose has astonishing freshness, with hints of a light evolution.

The second nose gives glimpses of more powerful aromas with vanilla notes. In the mouth, there is once more an astonishing freshness followed by a nice, long finish reflecting the nose’s aromas.

O.R. 1735

O.R. 1735

L’Insolite Cuvée
One plot, one grape variety (Chardonnay), a unique style for an “Insolite” discovery (steel white wine). Current vintage: 2012



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