James Bond & Champagne

5th April 2017


Just as there have been many dashing actors portraying the infamous James Bond over the years, he has had many fabulous Champagne co-stars. With the twenty fourth James Bond film ‘Spectre’, Daniel Craig’s James Bond Champagne co-star is the 2002 Bollinger R.D. (Recently Disgorged) Extra Brut.

Bond and Bollinger Champagne (founded in 1829) have been old friends for many years now beginning in 1956 in Ian Flemings’ 4th James Bond novel ‘Diamonds are Forever’. In 1973 Bollinger made its screen debut with Roger Moore in ‘Live and Let Die’ and has been featured in just about every Bond movie since sipping on various vintages of La Grand Annee and the R.D. The true relationship was said to have begun when the Broccoli-Wilson family (Bond film producers) went looking for a Champagne sophisticated enough to suit James’ refined taste. Bollinger fit that description indeed!

Although, what many do not realize is, Bond has enjoyed quite a few other Champagnes over the years in both Ian Fleming’s novels and films. In Fleming’s novels Taittinger Champagne (with history dating back to 1734) was Bond’s bubbly of choice. Taittinger was also featured quite definitively with Sean Connery in 1953’s ‘From Russia with Love’

Bond is also quite a fan of Dom Pérignon and it appeared in one of Fleming’s novels, ‘Moonraker’ with Bond enjoying a bottle or 2 of its 1946 Vintage Brut. It also appeared in quite a few films with James enjoying various vintages of Dom Pérignon from ’55, ’57, to ’59, all the while enjoying some Beluga Caviar, of course.

Although the actors portraying James Bond have changed over the years, one thing is for sure; Bond will always have an affinity to the finer things in life with Champagne at the top of his list.

Intrigued by the 2002 Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut? I would strongly recommend getting one if you can. The production is extremely limited, but it promises to be just as thrilling a Champagne as James Bond himself.

Written by Bridget Cheslock

Glass of Bubbly

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