Jascots Launches Sparkling Wine on Tap

19th April 2015

Jascots Launches Sparkling Wine on Tap

Jascots launches its own brand Italian sparkling wine on draught called ‘Vino Vispo’.

Jascots have developed Vino Vispo with their partner producer Enrico Bedin from Veneto Italy, who already supply their Prosecco range.

“Though it is made from Glera which is the same grape variety that makes Prosecco, Vino Vispo is a separate product entirely. It has a lighter spritz than bottled Prosecco and is a totally different proposition; handled well, it can be fresher and better than wine by-the-glass served from bottles that may have been open for some time”. Jascots Wine Marketing Manager Adam Porter 

He added “We want to make wine accessible to everyone and encourage its popularity in all its counterparts. We think this wine is fun, refreshing, light in alcohol and easy to drink without food.”


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